Hello Thar

I’m starting an actual site for my ramblings about games and other stuff. I’ve been trying to write down a bit of this and that about every game I play. And always grab some screenshots while playing, so I can share the greatness to everyone.

I’ll be adding the reviews (or something like that) I already posted in Adventure Gamers forum this year and then I’ll try to keep updating with the new stuff. But I’m lazy, so no promises (to myself really, it’s not like I’d actually promise this to anyone else).

I have a ‘thing’ for BL (boys love) but I wont be posting any dick pics here. I also have a lot of other ‘things’ so most likely I will be commenting about the hotness and/or awesomeness of the most weird things and that’s just something I wont hold back on.

I’ll review the games from scale from 1 to 10, using also halves. Most likely I wont be reviewing any game under 5 though, because I rarely play anything I don’t somehow find good and interesting. Also I don’t really dissect the good and bad, I just focus on what’s awesome, and then see how much some stuff possibly bugged me, and balance it out somewhere (this is my scientific method).


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