Togainu no Chi

Score: 9.0


Togainu no Chi is another Nitro+Chiral visual novel. It has plenty of violence and quite a bit of x-rated sexual content too, and it all happens between men. Like in the other N+C titles there really isn’t any women around, though in this game it’s rather believable. Chi means blood and I totally get the meaning of blood in the game – anyone will – but for the love of god I can’t think what that Togainu means exactly. Not that it bothered my game experience.

The story is told in a post-warzone Japan, where everything has pretty much gone to hell. There’s a real post-apocalyptic feeling with run down… everything, and dog eat dog mentality among the citizens. But there are still countries in the world that are doing fine, so it’s not an actual apocalypse. The whole history of the war is rather long and a bit weird (which is never an insult coming from me) and I wont go more into it, but the day to day life now is basically street fighting in a crumbled city. Our protagonist, Akira, is a badass fighter that gets “recruited” (=forced) to enter another area’s tough “fighting game” for the dominance of that area.

The world is bleak and there’s violence and death everywhere. And some characters with weird, sadistic hobbies. I played all the routes, good and bad, and I have to say the poor guys don’t really have a chance. It is rather rare for a character to manage to survive the plot unless it’s “his route”, which is rather understandable given the world they live in. But the bad endings in this game are especially delicious, I loved them. I consider most of them to be the best endings of the game, even though I’m not a huge fan of bad endings in general, I usually prefer ‘the happy couple’ and others persevering all the crazy shit they had to endure (though it’s fine if they’re like missing a limb or two).

The truth is that I’m not really into brawling or criminal organisations, neither of those plot points attract me. That’s probably why this is my third N+C game, and not the first or second. Despite this, I still got very engrossed in the plot, I suppose the sci-fi elements didn’t hurt. Once again I love the art (though I consider DRAMAtical Murder’s art even better), the voice acting is great and the music is awesome too, though perhaps there could be a track or two more. Overall score of the game would be the same I gave DRAMAtical Murder and Sweet Pool – these are all awesome VNs. Though I must admit that Nitro+Chiral abuses the whole amnesia thing way too much, it’s been present in every game in some way or another.

togainu7 togainu3 togainu6 togainu togainu2 togainu4


2 responses to “Togainu no Chi

  1. 狗咎 literally means something along the lines of “misbehaving (law-breaking) hounds”. It’s written in cool ancient kanji, 咎 is even used to write the mythical beast “tengu”, so “Togainu” sounds really cool and mystifying to Japanese ears. 😛

    As a male reader I had a lot of trouble with the main protagonist acting like a girl (or a bitch, rather), but the world was certainly very interesting and the villains were cool; also, Jesus Christ, was it dark, haha. I almost never see such hardcore stuff in male-oriented vns; girls, surprisingly, must have a high tolerance for this stuff. xD

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    • Thank you for clearing up the meaning. I did wonder if it had anything to do with dogs but I don’t know kanji at all and only the very very basics of the language in general.

      I’m not sure if girls in general have a high tolerance for this stuff but I’ve noticed that many yaoi readers certainly do. I definitely enjoy many of these dark and twisted stories myself, it’s a safe environment to explore the darker side of humans (or myself even).


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