Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butler

Score: 8.5


Hadaka Shitsuji is definitely an interesting visual novel. The whole plot is ludicrous: you play as Tomoaki, a young guy in a pinch who suddenly gets offered “a job” which is playing a master of a mansion for a month. The mansion in question is of course filled with handsome butlers. From there it’s rather easy to deduce where the story is going. The game is incredibly funny and twisted, and most of it is pornography. I would not recommend the game to anyone who thinks they are unable to find their inner sadist or to enjoy particularly perverse humour.

At the start of the game Tomoaki seems like a rather normal young guy and the first moments in the mansion are cute and awkward. Then things start to happen. The game has two main routes for each butler, a lite one and the true one. Then there is the ‘true true route’. In addition there are several smaller routes inside the other routes (that add some side characters to the plot and/or sex stuff, including one female character), and loads of different bad endings. You can really spend an incredible amount of time going through all the options. And what’s especially interesting is that you can actually finish the game without doing anything twisted. It’s a rather boring approach to a game like this but it’s completely doable. The lite routes also are often rather sweet, some of them include a few kinky scenes but others are purely friendship or cute romance stories. Going for the butlers’ longer true routes after the lite ones might cause choking to your drink.


Another thing I really liked about this game is how the player is inside Tomoaki’s head and can feel him kind of initially fighting off the sadistic impulses. Instead of the protagonist just suddenly turning into a sadistic dick, he’s actually a really interesting character himself.

I could probably compare Hadaka Shitsuji’s kinkiness to Bible Black, with the exception that I personally find releasing my sadistic side towards grown men a lot more appealing than teasing the little girls. This game is also much funnier, I can’t help smirking and chuckling every time I think about it. Lastly, there’s nothing supernatural going on, even though some of the sex scenes definitely defy nature.

The gameplay consists of choosing two actions each day (morning and evening), which is basically picking your butler of choice. In addition you get some normal VN type of options here and there. Getting to a certain butler’s route usually means just consistently choosing him whenever available. I definitely suggest using a guide if you are interested crawling through several different routes.

The art is mostly great, I especially love all the different expressions of Tomoaki that can be seen in the talking portrait. All the conversations and oohs and aahs are voiced over, and sound good (except for Arisato who’s just too shota for me, even though he’s supposed to be 18 – but this is just a matter of taste) and a few of the musical tracks are rather delicious. Otherwise I did not pay much attention to the background sounds.

I played several of the game’s routes already last year but never finished the ‘true true route’ that needs to be unlocked. I didn’t remember why I left the game unfinished because I enjoyed playing it, but getting back to it I rather quickly realised the reason. I had finished all the main butler routes except for one: Arisato, who quite honestly looks more like a 12 year old girl than a man to me – and sounds like one too. I wasn’t really that interested doing all the indescribable dirty deeds to such a character, so I had taken a short break from the game, and then forgotten about it while playing everything else (and being ill). Eventually I went for the lite route with him, but managed to get a glimpse of his true route while playing the ‘true true’ harem game. Too bad that such an interesting side of Tomoaki was hidden behind the least interesting butler’s route.


The actual ‘true true route’ finally reveals the mystery behind the mansion’s owner. Playing the other routes of course already gave tons of hints but now it’s finally out there, with some delicious two weeks of harem fun. But I can’t honestly talk about the main storyline or mystery plot with a straight face. While the preposterous plot definitely makes the game much better than if it was just pure porn, it’s just not a mystery game.

If you enjoy some twisted yaoi, this is a perfect game for you.

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