My Life Is Not So Strange


Something about what’s going on in my life – in case someone is interested. See my awesome workstation. It usually isn’t that clean, I cheated a bit.

The freeware game ‘All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell’ is waiting for me to play a couple of other freeware titles that I already grabbed but didn’t get started with yet. I’ll write something about them together, as a recommendation for some free fun.

‘Shelter’ was a traumatizing experience to my 7 year old daughter. I had this great idea: “I’m going to play this cute game about a mommy badger, let’s play it with my daughter”. Such a cute game and then a beast comes and eats one of your cubs. She’s doing the nurturing missions now, which hopefully wont have anything as scary as the normal play did.

Mass Effect kinda went on a pause after I found out there’s no possibility for homosexual romance. Naw, I’m kidding (though my handsome Shepard does not touch those icky women). It’s an interesting game but I prefer to have a quiet and free night for action RPG fun, should at least play a few hours on every sitting.

Boys Love:
I just found out that Jane Jensen (yes, the writer of Gabriel Knight games and some other excellent things) also writes boys love under the name Eli Easton. I’m so going to check it out. I never follow anything regularly so I manage to get super stoked stumbling into info like this. But it’s not a surprise really, everyone should be able to catch some ‘vibes’ while playing GK2 and hanging around with Von Glower, not to mention Moebius which probably had more innuendo than Interview With a Vampire. Which reminds me that I completely forgot to add Moebius to my top10 of 2014 where it should have been. Even though I think it’s probably the weakest of Jensen’s games, it’s still pretty great.

Kinda hyped about this thing I went and installed Kindle app on my phone and managed to even find some completely free boys love novellas from Amazon. I’ve also been thinking about compiling some kind of list of my favourite BL mangakas. I’ll most likely forget one or five, but who cares. I also think I’ll finally be able to buy the vn ‘No, Thank You!’ as a birthday gift to myself.

I’ve been dieting and lost 6 kg already which is pretty nice. It seems I don’t really have much appetite after I stopped eating those annoying meds (that made me crave for all kinds of shit nonstop). Could improve the quality of my diet though, just recently my daily rations consisted of pizza and Pepsi, I just ate less. Some days I don’t feel like eating at all but then I have to grab something so that I manage stay up. Well, I can always start being more healthy when I’m lighter, har har. The same thing with my running too I guess. Seems my legs still kinda ache. Could also try cycling. Though lying down just seems more appealing for some strange reason.

Since my studies haven’t been progressing I came up with an idea to travel to a friend in the city my Uni is at and stay a couple of nights, and actually go into the stupid building so I’ll be forced to do some stuff. It’s a great plan, except that I’ll probably be too busy drinking or going to movies with my friend(s). But isn’t getting out of the house already an achievement? I think it is.


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