I’m Back… From Outer Space

Also known as the city of Oulu. And I survived it. Saw a bunch of my friends, visited a few bars, watched some shirtless glam rockers perform, and two movies in the cinema. Also visited an ophthalmologist (I don’t even pretend to know how to spell that, I just always search it and then copypaste it to my text), and my teacher about my thesis. Unfortunately not all of my friends are as nerdy as I am, so I was mostly computer-less. (Surely all of them have a computer but it’s not very polite to sit on front of it alone. At least we here have 3 plus the consoles and TVs working online.)

Now, inspired by the movies and having some kind of burst of energy (albeit a small one), I’m thinking that I could – hypothetically – also write about the movies I see and other stuff like that. I think I will survive it. The reviews would most likely be short and while I kind of hope that I could pull out intellectual analysis about how the screenwriter expresses their suppressed sexuality with the horror imagery or whatnot, I’m more likely to go “and then the head exploded – it was awesome”.

I believe my badger cubs are dead, I’m afraid to check. Broken Age part 2 is out so I’ll probably play it soon. Otherwise my list is still endless and I’m trying to continue the games that I’ve been playing before.

It’s the 1st of May but I’m pretty partied out.


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