Movies From The 90s – 1992

This was a good year, but I think I didn’t end up having much difficulty narrowing things down.

I’ve been using and abusing IMDb for my posts, but why not, since the site is so useful. I still remember times before it. We had one of those Microsoft Cinemania CD-roms, with short reviews and pictures, I wonder how many hours I spend scouring through that data. It was something truly awesome before we started the daily internet use.

I’ve used the IMDb scores as a reference as well. The scores for newer movies are often skewed towards the positive but all these old titles have really settled their user ratings already a long time ago.

The Appreciated One:


Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 7.5)

I still haven’t read the original book by Bram Stoker, though I have it on my shelf. But the Dracula movie from Francis Ford Coppola is a classic. I always loved this story because it shows a very powerful and ruthless villain that still isn’t portrayed completely evil. I like thinking about the different moral dilemmas with these creatures that are more than humans. Dracula also presents the concept of fate and undying love, which can make a strong effect, even though one wouldn’t really believe in them in real life.

The cast of the movie is of course excellent. Gary Oldman is one of my favourite actors and he portrays the different sides of the mythic creature deliciously.

Tags: Historical, Horror, Romance, Supernatural

The Quality Drama:

Arizona Dream

Score: 9.5
(IMDb score: 7.4)

Arizona Dream is one of my absolute favourite dramas. It is a bit strange, quirky journey between the mundane and the fantastical. The great cast and wonderful soundtrack help create the beautiful atmosphere of this film.

When I saw these 90s movies the first time, I was quite young and definitely has a crush on Johnny Depp. I kinda slowly got over the crush but I still have a huge appreciation towards his skills. And I must also recommend his choices of film, most of them seem to have something eccentric that makes them just that much more interesting.

Tags: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The Cult Movie:

Army of Darkness

Score: 9.5
(IMDb score: 7.6)

I’m not a huge fan of the Evil Dead franchise since splatter really isn’t my thing. But the 3rd movie Army of Darkness can hardly be talked about within the same sentence as the two earlier ones. This one isn’t a splatter, it’s a full blown dark comedy. And it’s completely hilarious.

I hardly remember Evil Dead 2 but as far as I can recall, this movie actually continues the plot quite directly. The protagonist Ash ends up sucked through a portal to a medieval world. There he acts like the douche he is, and taking advantage of his knowledge of current day science, becomes a sort of a king for the people. But the army of darkness is marching and reluctantly Ash finds himself actually having to protect his kingdom.

Bruce Campbell is excellent in the role and while most of the humour is pretty stupid, it’s also equally awesome. The movie has two very different endings and I’d definitely recommend checking both of them out.

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural

The Weird One:

Death Becomes Her

Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 6.4)

Death Becomes her is another dark comedy with plenty of morbid and sarcastic humour. It’s directed by Robert Zemeckis, and it has an interesting twist in casting: taking top names and making them play a role that was complete opposite of their usual types. Bruce Willis plays a wussy mortician who’s been ordered around between two female characters. Meryl Streep is a popular beauty in show business and Goldie Hawn plays an average looking wallflower.

The first time I saw this film, I missed the whole irony with the casting, but I enjoyed the movie plenty anyway. It is a ridiculous comedy with three bickering main characters. No one is really likable but I don’t think they are even supposed to be.

Tags: Comedy, Supernatural

The Obscure One:

El Mariachi

Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 7.0)

I think most people know Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado from 1995, with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek and all. But did they know it’s predecessor is just as good – if not better? The protagonist is a nameless mariachi, who is mistaken for a dangerous murderer and gets involuntarily dragged into a spiral of killings.

El Mariachi is a Spanish spoken film. Many of the cast members have a cameo appearance in the sequel Desperado, including the mariachi himself, whose role is given to Antonio Banderas.

Tags: Action, Drama, Thriller

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