Kingsman: The Secret Service

Score: 9.0

These days movie trailers are so filled with spoilers that I intentionally stay away from them. And because of that, sometimes I notice a new movie (with big ass stars) that I hadn’t even heard about. Kingsman was one of those movies. I went to visit my friend and had cheap cinema tickets for us and only a handful of choices what to watch. I wanted to see something entertaining and luckily my friend was into agent movies, so we picked Kingsman and were very happy with our choice.

But that’s enough about my life – on to the movie itself! Kingsman tells a very cliche story of a somewhat normal – rather down on luck – guy ending up as a secret agent in an adventure of his life. Kingsman is everything it promises to be: A successful mixture of old gentleman agent stories and newer edgy and violent action flicks.

The contrast of the upper class agency and the “white trash” protagonist is one of the things the movie makes fun of. Kingsman manages to be hilarious from the opening title to the credits, making also fun of itself. A large part of the humour is rather macabre, already dancing on the edge of distasteful. I’m pretty sure some people are offended by it, but in my opinion nothing goes overboard in a film that obviously doesn’t take itself that seriously in the first place.

One can notice Kingsman is written and directed by Matthew Vaughn, the same guy who did Kick Ass and X-Men: First Class. The movie is a modern, and the story and action scenes work. The cast is also excellent: Colin Firth and Mark Strong are the perfect badass gentlemen, while Samuel L. Jackson and Sofia Boutella together make the eccentric and funny, yet scary antagonist. The new, rather unknown, “teen agent” (Taron Egerton) is also a great choice.

The movie has delicious characters, including a megalomaniac villain; great, visually pleasing action scenes; witty banter and interesting gadgets, all wrapped in incredible ambiance with great pacing.

kingsman4 kingsman3

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