Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Coming For PC

And now for something completely different…

Ever heard of this quirky adventure with a bunch of incredibly flamboyant characters and all kinds of strange and hilarious things? Me neither. Dark Dreams Don’t Die – or D4 – was released exclusively for Xbox One in September 2014 with basically no marketing. I heard about in the Adventure Gamers forum which (in one point or another) pretty much introduces every single man adventure project someone’s uncle did in their basement in the 80s. I didn’t stumble on to coverage about the game anywhere else. So I wasn’t exactly surprised it didn’t end up being the biggest hit in the sales either.

But worry not, we are finally getting a PC release in 5th of June. There’s a short demo out too.The game was/is developed by SWERY from Access Games, who also did Deadly Premonition (which I didn’t play yet, sorry). ‘Season one’ includes 3 episodes (prologue and episodes 1 and 2), the future seasons are still undecided.

In D4 the protagonist looks like quite a cliche: a private investigator who lost his wife a couple years back and dedicated his life finding out what exactly happened. He seems to have some kind of ability to travel through time using specific items, ‘mementos’. The demo wasn’t very clear about this and I didn’t really want to find out too much because I hate spoilers. Anyway, just judging by the demo and some screenshots I’ve seen, I can already tell that the ‘weird shit’ is only starting here. Time travel is small potatoes.

So, the original Xbox release was filled with the QTE everyone loves to hate. I went through the demo with my Xbox controller as well as with a mouse, and I have happy news for all QTE-hating adventure fans: mouse controls are way easier. Way, way, way easier. You only need to move the mouse around and click a button now and then – and the controls are also very forgiving. Xbox controller was quite a mess with having to use the analogue sticks, triggers and letterpad. I’m not the worst player out there, I mean I can handle normal settings in games just fine (and I’m talking about actual normal, not Diablo-normal), but I got pretty busy with the controls and noticed that I couldn’t really follow what was happening in the screen. With mouse you can still pretty much see what’s going on. So yay for mouse.

The game will be released also for Steam, and any fans of modern adventures and bizarro things should definitely check it out. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up embracing the crazy and loving the game.


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