Out Of Steam

Howdy – or something like that. I’m just back from another trip and pretty beat. Visited friends and a free fandom and culture convention called Kummacon in Oulu. And what the traveling didn’t drain from my wallet, Steam summer sales did. I have avoided spending sprees for a few years now, mostly because I bought everything before that. Now the magic time finally came when I’m not just stumbling into “this game is already in your library” when navigating the sales.

I bought Dark Dreams Don’t Die, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Valiant Hearts. And the sale isn’t even over yet. This most likely means that I will keep neglecting Shepard and Hogstein for a while still and play some of these new games shortly. The two first are downloading right at this moment.

I wont go into my RL further than that since there’s really nothing good to report. No progress anywhere and my family members keep taking turns being ill. And we don’t still have a decent summer here. It’s around 10 degrees Celsius and raining out there. Though I guess it doesn’t really matter in front of a computer anyway.

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