I Want To See Your Weird Face – Freeware Horror

There are a lot of great or at least good freeware games out there. I try a few now and then. Putting together some of the latest titles I downloaded I noticed they’re mostly themed around horror. Then I found out that three out of the five or so games I was going to try out centered with another common theme: inhuman faces. So here we have Mr. Pig and a big bunch of sexy masks.

I know I said I dislike survival horror and in the end all these titles are thriller/horrors with some kind of mystery and survival mechanics. But just having a simple mechanic of staying alive doesn’t make it survival horror yet, right? Am I making up excuses? I might be. All of the games are very short, only the middle one probably takes more than 30 minutes to finish. Also, only the first game is a true point&click adventure without any rushing or wasd-running in the gameplay.

In my ratings I take into account that these are freeware projects, I’m not expecting great voice acting and photo-realistic graphics here. But it’s not like I’d give a full score just for making an effort either. The game titles have links to the download sites.

All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell

Score: 8.5

All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell has an amazing title. Like who isn’t interested already? In the game unknown Mr. Pig wakes up and ends up looking for hell. Just a normal day at the office.

The game is made with Adventure Game Studio. The simple pixel graphics suit the game and manage to be surprisingly eloquent and effective. The game has a survival mechanic tied to the cold temperature, but it doesn’t really stop anyone getting through the game. It enhances the bleakness though, so it’s not completely pointless.

There are three endings (that I know of), and all of them are great. As one might deduce from the atmosphere of the game, not in single one of the endings does the pig wind up happily spending a birthday party with a bunch of piglets. It’s just that kind of game. It’s bleak and surreal, and doesn’t give its player an all-satisfying conclusion. I really like the whole game and the creativity of the maker. If it had a bit more flesh in it, I’d score it even higher.

I feel you, Mr. Pig.

allpigs2 allpigs3

Exclusive Tags: Dark, Point&Click

Follow the Darkness

Score: 7.5

Follow the Darkness is made with RPG Maker. It tells a story of Rina who lost her memory is haunted by a Fox (or a creepy person wearing a fox mask) and supposedly only has a few days left to live. She has to find out what she did to get the Fox after her. The story is pretty good, it builds up nicely, though I would’ve wished a slower beginning and end. Now the player kind of jumps in the middle of everything and just when things are getting good the conclusion hits and credits roll.

The gameplay is very lite, just finding a few objects here and there, and then running away from the Fox-person. The running away mechanic with depleting stamina and healing with breathe-behind-a-corner (or in this case a safe room/container) is a two-edged sword. It definitely adds excitement, but getting stuck to some spots and just waiting for to be chopped to bits is a bit of a downer.

ftd ftd2 ftd4

Murder at Masquerade Manor

Score: 7.0

Murder at Masquerade Manor is a simple whodunnit game. The player enters the masquerade and hears a scream. Next discovery is a bloody victim stabbed to death, surrounded by the “not-creepy-at-all” quests. The murder is randomly created which gives the game replayability, but it’s a bit rough on the edges and missing a decent conclusion to be great. As it is, it does have a bunch of potential as a tool.

The game was made with Unity in a 7 day project, so I must applaud to that. I wish people would take the idea further though. There’s “a murder mystery” but it’s hardly a mystery as uncovering it means just asking the same couple of questions from everyone and ticking appropriate boxes. Though the murderer doesn’t hesitate to off you given the chance, so watch your back. The masks are sexy and the music is awesome, definitely the best parts of the game.

murder2 murder4 murder3

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