Just Some Game Music


I don’t really bother making any kinds of top lists about music because there’s just so much good music out there and the styles and moods vary greatly. But after coming across with a couple of excellent game soundtracks once again, I thought I could share some of my favourite songs that can be found in games.

The post may be a bit heavy to load because of all the embedded videos. I’ll try to keep the list somewhat short. Just a reminder: it’s not only the soundtracks of these games that are good.

The psychological horror adventure ‘The Cat Lady’ that I am currently playing “together” with a bunch of other people from Adventure Gamers forum has an excellent soundtrack – it’s also on Spotify. The song that plays at the end of chapter one, with the rest of the credits rolling is ‘Inside’ by Warmer.

My cell phone ringtone is still ‘Strain 1’ from Nitro+CHiRAL’s ‘Sweet Pool’ soundtrack. It’s also Zenya’s theme song. Unfortunately my lovely yandere hero does not appear on the video, that’s why he’s in the picture at the beginning, sticking out his tongue. (Youtube playlist for the full soundtrack)

Another Nitro+CHiRAL visual novel ‘Togainu no Chi’ had an interesting song called ‘Unrest’. It’s probably the song that plays on the background the most. I was just starting this game a year ago when my meningitis related headaches started. The song was very disturbing then for my messed up senses. Now I can listen to it without cringing from pain and actually find it very good. Though it will most likely always remind me of those headaches. (Youtube playlist for the full soundtrack)

Before Jane Jensen “came back” with the Pinkerton Road kickstarter, she was a story consult in Phoenix Online Studios project of ‘Cognition – An Erica Reed Thriller’, which has an amazing soundtrack. My favourite is probably ‘Three Years of Anger’ which can’t be found online in its entirety, but the finale of it is in the opening credits of the game. (Youtube playlist for three example songs)

Telltale Games really made a game just for me with their episodic ‘Wolf Among Us’. The opening theme is incredibly atmospheric and spot on for the noir thriller. (Youtube playlist for the full soundtrack)

I’ll end my list with something soft and beautiful, Martina Topley Bird’s ‘Sandpaper Kisses’ from Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). (Youtube playlist for the full soundtrack)


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