Old School Adventuring On Kickstarter

I’ve been very happy about Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites making so many good and great adventures happen in the past few years. And while my initial enthusiasm has died down – and I’m not alone on this – there are great projects emerging almost every day still.

This time I picked a couple of projects that have been introduced by the makers themselves in Adventure Gamers forum. Both projects are promising and the makers seem truly eager to work on their games as well as get feedback from people. These are true old school adventures with some newer elements thrown in the mix.

The Last Time

This pixel art adventure plays like any old school point & click adventure but its storyline is actually branching like in the newer Telltale games. The game’s protagonist is a retired policeman living in a retirement home. It’s a refreshing perspective. There’s a nice mixture of serious plot and humour. The gameplay seems smooth, and the story and dialogue well written.

There is also a playable demo available. Try it out. Or find out more on the Kickstarter page.

Charlotte’s Dream

This game has its roots in the 90s for real. The project started when the maker was 12 years old. After a couple of decades it’s been picked up again with plenty of improvements but still staying true to the origins with the graphic style. The old point & click gameplay has been expanded with roleplaying elements as well as multiple puzzle solutions. The story is a psychological and surreal journey of a girl who is trapped inside a dream world.

Check out the website or the Kickstarter page.



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