Hybrid Child

Score: 8.0
4xOVA 2014-2015

“Everyone” should have heard about Junjou Romantica created by Shungiku Nakamura. It’s the boys’ love 101 title these days. Junjou Romantica anime is currently airing its 3rd season (and I’m watching it) but earlier this year I checked out Hybrid Child which is already the 3rd anime adaptation made from Nakamura’s manga titles. Some people have already criticized her popularity as the BL anime scene isn’t exactly huge (yet) and she seems to be hogging all the publications. And while I do like her work quite a bit, I kinda agree, there’s tons of great BL manga deserving anime adaptations.

Hybrid Child’s setting is in the historical Japan with a sci-fi twist. The hybrid child is an android that grows from emotional bond made with its owner. The four OVAs tell three different stories. I thought the interesting setting would make me perhaps love these stories more than the slice of life comedies Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, but while the stories were beautiful and touching, I think I was actually missing the funny bits from the other series.

The art, animation and voice acting was very pleasing but I found the music to be a bit too melodramatic. Now and then it was so over-the-top, that rather than deepening the tearjerking moments, it actually managed to break the immersion.

The stories themselves are not raunchy, this title is certainly more about love than eroticism. Some people might find the idea of a doll like hybrid child forming a relationship with a grown man a bit icky, but as a rather fanatic android lover myself, I couldn’t be bothered about the appearances.

All in all Hybrid Child is another quality boys’ love anime.

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