Movies From The 90s – 1998

Nearing the end… First I thought I’d only have a couple of movies for this year but looking into it a bit more I didn’t end up having hard time at all finding five (and more) suitable films for the year.

I won’t bring the boring categories back, but there’s at least Johnny Depp! I don’t remember enough about these movies, I’ve only watched Dark City in the recent years, but they were awesome back then, so I still believe them to be awesome today – and will eventually confirm this by watching them again. The movies are arranged according to their current IMDb popularity.

The Big Lebowski

Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 8.2)

The dude. The deeeewd. Another strange yet incredibly funny comedy by Coen brothers. Jeff Bridges plays The Dude Lebowski, a true slacker who gets mixed up with a millionaire Lebowski by some thugs, and a series of hilarious events ensues. I don’t really remember much else, unfortunately. A great cast and a great American movie.

Genres: Comedy

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Score: 9.5
(IMDb score: 7.7 )

Another strange comedy is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, based on Hunter S. Thompson’s novel (which I still haven’t read) and directed by the always great Terry Gilliam. Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro play a couple of true characters that are completely drugged up throughout their journey, which is weird and hilarious while actually being satirical about drug abuse. The visual style makes the movie even greater, rising it among masterpieces.

Genres: Comedy, (Dark)

Dark City

Score: 10
(IMDb score: 7.7)

Dark City has the essence of everything I like. It’s sci-fi noir, with an exciting mystery and it explores the darker side of psyche. It also has an incredibly beautiful visual style. Something very black and bleak can be the most beautiful thing ever experienced.

This film came before The Matrix and it’s more crooked, noir and less Hollywood – making it the superior movie in my eyes – but these movies have a lot on in common, the main point being about questioning our reality. I also prefer the cast in Dark City.

After being a huge fan of The Crow (which was on my post of 1994), I didn’t really think Alex Proyas would direct a better movie, but he did. Though I don’t think I completely warmed up to Dark City the first time I saw it, I was quite young and probably considered it a 4/5 star movie.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Noir, Drama, Dark


Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 7.5 )

Darren Aronofsky’s surreal indie thriller Pi is my favourite of his movies. I already mentioned how I consider Trainspotting to be the superior drug movie to Requiem for a Dream and once again in my eyes that praised title is being beaten by something else entirely. Pi also happened to be the starting point of Clint Mansell’s film scoring career.

The movie follows an unemployed and paranoid mathematician who believes everything in existence can be explained by numbers. Currently he’s obsessing over finding patterns in Wall Street stock market. The protagonist of the film is also its narrator. Sean Gullette is just brilliant in the role.

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Dark

Fucking Åmål

Score: 8.5
(IMDb score: 7.7 )

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t really watched that many movies from my neighbouring countries, but Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love) caused a stir in Nordic countries when it came out. Everyone went to see this movie. It’s a realistic drama and comedy about the teenage life in small towns. Elin is a popular girl, and Agnes is the outcast who’s secretly in love with her.

So my life wasn’t exactly like this, but this movie certainly rings more true than the rather weird cheerleading comedies coming from America. Fucking Åmål is touching and even filmed as a sort of a “documentary” of things, without trying to preach or stereotype anyone. It’s a story of a lesbian love but it’s something almost everyone could relate to. The two leading girls show some true talent in their roles.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Teens

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