And Now For Something Completely Different – Teenage Art


I think I mentioned somewhere that I planned on picking up drawing at some point again. I haven’t really done it for years and I know I will suck horribly, but it’s meant to be something therapeutic done with my hands, getting my hands dirty. I don’t really like to cook and could afford losing some weight, so pens, paints and chalks and all that jazz seems like the perfect idea to dip my fingers into.

Buuuuut… I’m not there yet. Too busy trying to get my prescription drugs to work while still staying upwards and just breathing, and sitting on my ass and browsing forums. Anyway, I went and grabbed an old box with my old drawings and paintings and laughed my ass off. I’m usually very critical about my own pieces but this stuff is almost 20 years old, so I’m just going to enjoy the ride on the memory lane.

So, incoming my absolutely brilliant works of art from my early teen years of 13-16. Taken with my awesome camera phone and only cropped and resized from that.

First, my folder for holding the drawings:

I got a weird déjà vu looking at this, then I recalled it, the inkblot test:

Man. I did the inkblots less than a year ago and the picture above is pretty much exactly what I thought about this blot. 20 years later. I might have changed but some things stay the same I guess.

I also think I might not have wanted to live on this world.

land alien

Or at all:

suu woman
I’m fairly certain these are self portraits.

Then there’s your basic goth stuffs:

crow devil
I have no idea what the teachers thought about these.

There’s something a bit more uplifting too:

merenneito deer
That mermaid would actually be a rather good avatar for the site, even the colours match. But it’s probably too happy.

That’s all for now. (I still prefer other people’s works.)

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