Score: 6.5


F.A.C.E.S. is one of those hidden object games, where you get a screen cluttered with all kinds of weird stuff and a list of items to find. It’s not really my favourite gameplay mechanic but I don’t hate it either, especially if it’s used with a twist or rarely among variety of puzzles. Unfortunately in F.A.C.E.S. it is overused, which forces me to give it a less than good score, even though the atmosphere of the game made it a worthwhile play.

Hidden object games are casual games by default. F.A.C.E.S. is also a short game and it’s ending is pretty lacking as well. Still I liked it. There’s just something about creepy sanitariums and conspiracies. The music suits the atmosphere well and the plot itself is pretty interesting. Also, even though those HO-scenes make out the bulk of the gameplay, there are still some nice puzzles in the mix, and exploring the sanitarium is mostly enjoyable. Here and there I was a bit lost what to do next even with a list of objectives, but the explorable area is not large enough to actually get anyone truly stuck.

Like in most of these casual titles sold by Big Fish Games, there’s a collector’s edition available with an extra playable chapter. I heard it was a nice and creepy chapter about the protagonist’s past but it doesn’t really connect to the main story.

If you like creepy sanitariums that aren’t heart-stopping-scary and don’t mind the hidden object scenes, I’d definitely recommend this title. It is an interesting one in its genre and if I evaluated it purely as a HOG, I’d give it a higher score. But as I’m mostly an adventurer, I just can’t rate this game above the Drawn series. And it’s not likely I’d play many HOGs in the future either.

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