Demetrios (Kickstarter)

This comedic adventure game has already passed its modest original goal, but the pledges are open for three more days, so there is still plenty of time to get on board.

Demetrios is a love child of a single adventure-enthusiast, who created the early version of the game already 15 years ago. Now it’s been redone with hand drawn high resolution graphics. The game is a story about an antique seller in his 30s, who gets mugged in his home, and investigating the incident makes him involved in a mysterious adventure.

The game is highly interactive for an old school point & clicker. Tons and tons of things can be inspected and tried out, including silly and outright moronic combinations that often result in a gameover (with an option to go back, of course).

The first chapter of this game is already playable through the demo, which can found on the game website. The demo is very smooth and gives a nice idea of the basic gameplay while also hinting towards the bigger plot.

The full length adventure game can be yours with 10 euros (and everyone pledging will their name mentioned in the credits). More info can be found on the campaign site.

demetrios3 demetrios2 demetrios


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