Memoranda (Kickstarter)

I’ve been writing mostly about kickstarting adventure games for a while now, but sorry, here’s another one. My limited playtime makes me prefer short demos on some nights, and all the hype I’ve recently come across happens around adventures.

But on to Memoranda itself: it’s an atmospheric 2D point & click adventure inspired by the stories of Haruki Murakami. (He’s another novelist I’ve been meaning to get to know for a long time, but just never got to it.) In this case ‘atmospheric’ hints towards melancholia and magical realism.

I tried out the demo – which is available for download on the campaign page – and didn’t really figure out what to do, but I liked it anyway. The art style and music are very much to my tastes, and I’m really interested in exploring the whole story in these enchanting surroundings. The campaign has reached its first stretch goal and will run for another 5 days.

memoranda3 memoranda2

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