My Adventures In A Sauna

Lately my time has mostly consisted of Netflix and then some actual Real Life, which might be a bit surprising. (It is to me at least.) But now I don’t really have much writing material about games, so I’ll just ramble about my excellent real-life-adventures then!

A week ago I reserved an hour on the community sauna downstairs. I had a friend over, and we took our towels and cold beers with us. It was a nice sauna, was thinking about reserving a spot every week or at least every other week.

This is not an erotic story, if someone was wishing for that. The fun part came when we were getting out of the dressing room and the door didn’t open. The lock just rotated full circles and never released. Our cellphones were upstairs.

So yeah, the only option pretty much was the window. Which was about 50x50cm hole that started basically from the ceiling. It took me a couple of tries to actually get myself outside without falling to the ground head first. I still needed to jump even when hanging from the window with my hands.

Anyway, excitement over, the door opened fine with a key from the other side and I could let my friend out. Then I made a warning label for the door and notified the property maintenance. Luckily we had more beer.

In the end my legs suffered the most – even more than my pride. Here’s the sex part now: my legs a day after the incident, and a few days later.


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