2015 Game Year Recap

Even though I had some dry spells from gaming, I actually managed to play a decent amount of new games last year. This post is just a short recap of my played games, titles linking to the individual reviews.

In addition to the following games list, I also played a lot of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and tried out the Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn two week trial. Also a bunch of demos I wont handle here.

Fresh 2015 games:

AR-K: The Great Escape (ep.3) – 8.5
I liked the new episode just like the old ones. Some clear improvements which make me recommend the game to other people even more. Sci-fi world, mystery plot, lots of humour and a sassy protagonist.

Dark Dreams Don’t Die: season 1 – 9.0 (2014 for Xone)
A weird one in a good way. Lots of strange characters, a mystery and a smoking hot protagonist. Too bad it’s probably only going to be season one.

Dead Synchronicity – 8.5
A bleak post-apocalyptic world and a distinguished art style in a very traditional and well done adventure.

Follow the Darkness – 7.5 (freeware)
Horror story done with RPG maker. Interesting, but feels more like just a part of a story (beginning is skipped and ending rushed).

Life Is Strange: ep.1 – 9.5
Great gameplay, setting and story. But I didn’t purchase the continuation since all the episodes weren’t out. And now I keep forgetting to buy them because I can’t add the later episodes to my Steam wishlist!

“Older” games:

All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell – 8.5 (2014) (freeware)
This short freeware title was awesome. Bleak and surreal.

Banished – 7.5 (2014)
Cute and fun village builder. Simple but addictive.

The Cat Lady – 10 (2012)
A horror story about depression and I love everything about it. The only 10/10 game this year.

The Drawn Trilogy – 7.0 (2009-2011)
The casual fairytale looks and sounds great. It has some nice puzzles too, but not that much depth after all.

Emerald City Confidential – 7.5 (2009)
Wadjet Eye’s old product tagged as casual, but it’s also a real adventure. It’s not quite as good as the later Wadjet Eye titles but still very nice.

F.A.C.E.S. – 6.5 (2012)
A casual game with a great, creepy atmosphere but too much backtracking and hidden object scenes.

Journey – 8.5 (2012) (PS3)
A short and beautiful experience. Not much gameplay but it really doesn’t need more.

Murder at Masquerade Manor – 7.0 (2013) (freeware)
Whodunnit-simulator, very simple. Had potential.

The Novelist – 7.0 (2013)
Very interesting “fly on the wall” concept and the story was touching the first time around. Doesn’t really work that well after replays as the game reveals its simplicity fast.

The Samaritan Paradox – 7.0 (2014)
Interesting setting that’s split in two. Unfortunately the adventure wastes a lot of its potential. Definitely still worth the time.

Shelter – 8.0 (2013)
Mother badger keeping her cubs alive. Survival game but incredibly charming one, and definitely feels like an adventure.

Surface: The Noise She Couldn’t Make – 6.0 (2012)
A casual game with some very nice puzzles and interesting setting, but the ending is pretty lame.

The Whispered World – 8.0 (2010/SE2014)
A bit long-winded at points but still an interesting, funny and touching fantasy adventure. Spot

Visual Novels:

Hadaka Shitsuji: Naked Butler – 8.5 (2011) (continuation)
Weird, sadistic and funny BL game.

Loren The Amazon Princess – 7.5 (2012) (also RPG)
Save the fantasy world and romance your teammates.

No, Thank You!!! –  9.5 (JP2013/EN2015)
Great new BL game, super funny and still disturbing at parts.

The Second Reproduction – 7.5 (2008)
Visual novel/dating sim with some demons and a quite interesting plot.

Sweet Pool – 9.0 (2008)
Beautiful supernatural horror BL game.

Togainu no Chi – 9.0 (2005)
Bleak dystopian world with brawling and criminal organisations. Another BL game.


Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (JP2012/EN2013) (PSP)
Funny romance and adventure VN. Finished 3 routes, the rest will come later.

Mass Effect (2007)
I got interested in the series and played a few hours but had a break and it still seems to be on. I have a sexy custom Shepard though.

Outcast 1.1 (1999)
Old cult RPG adventure. Started it with another forum community playthrough but kept failing a lot. Will finish it but it requires some time.

Stasis (2015)
I started this sci-fi horror adventure one night and it was awesome. But it was late, I was tired and scared, so I left it for another night and then took a dry spell with games. Will get back to it soon.

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