Flight Control HD

FC2Score: 8.0

This cute and casual time management game about directing the routes of landing aircrafts is surprisingly charming and addictive. It’s very simple and somewhat repetitive but it easily triggers the “just one more” feeling.

In Flight Control the player just chooses one of the available airports, keeps clicking the appearing crafts and drawing them paths to their proper landing sites. When two crafts collide, it’s game over.

The bright graphics are neat, but surpassed by the awesome music in this game. It’s just like two songs of easy listening, but I never switch it off. The different airports also give a welcome change to the game pace.

Flight Control is rather popular among the casual games. It’s available for pretty much every platform. The PC Steam version has 9 different fields, one of them (the stunt field) specifically made for this version.

I personally enjoy the mouse controls and HD graphics, but I noticed several people mentioning that the mobile apps would be superior because they are constantly updated. I  pretty much just dislike mobile games – and I’m really not interested playing this game with touch screen or touch pad – so I’m just not going to acquaintance myself with the different versions. The Steam version costs 4 euros and is definitely worth that price, updates or no updates.

While FC is very simple, easy and fast, aiming for the higher scores can take a while. One game can stretch pretty long even when using the fast-forward option. I enjoyed the Steam achievements and have gathered them all – except for the last one that’s unlocked with just playing 200 games. (I’ve clocked 9 hours with the game but still haven’t hit it.)

Flight Control is one of my absolute favourites from truly casual games. In short: I love it. I give it 8/10 even with all its simplicity.

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