Hero Of The Kingdom

hotkScore: 7.5

Hero of the Kingdom is a very lite RPGish adventure. A farmer’s son goes after his father and gathers some skills and fame on the road. The game is simple but charming, and surprisingly addictive. It’s no surprise if one decides to finish it in one sitting.

The player gathers resources from nodes and just by clicking the map. There are some quests scattered around that will help with the trading goals as well as gaining some of the few skills in the game.

Hero of the Kingdom isn’t hard by any means, I don’t even know if it’s possible to fail in it in any way. The player can’t lose in the automatic “combat”, the nodes are plentiful and the energy can be restored cheaply. There doesn’t seem to be any time limits either.

The story is simple as well, pretty basic medievalish fantasy stuff. But it’s good enough to add some purpose.

I would have loved some kind of random scenario generator for simple questing and gathering. The relaxing gameplay had me hooked. But as it is, this game is mostly a onetime play. The experience is worth the meager price of 6 euros though. And I wishlisted the sequel for a later purchase.

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