Detective Grimoire

detgrim6Score: 7.5

Detective Grimoire is a fun little adventure with a colourful art style and loads of humour. It’s actually a sequel to a freeware flashgame with the same name. This pimped up sequel carries a case title Secret of the Swamp.

I played both games but the score is only for the commercial version, which is very pretty and polished. I can recommend it to everyone – especially for casual gamers. This is probably a really good title to introduce new people to gaming.

detgrim3The freeware version had its merits but obviously can’t compare to the beautiful graphics and voice acting of the sequel. It’s not bad at all, just clearly inferior to this rather excellent new Swamp case.

The story of the predecessor is not by any means essential to play the later game, but there are some callbacks. Gameplay-wise these titles are pretty identical, there’s only a couple of minor improvements in the later game.

Here’s a screenshot comparison of the art:

Detective Grimoire’s gameplay is simple and casual, but it does feel a lot like actually investigating and deducting things. So it’s fun and it works. Our detective protagonist has his notebook with suspects, locations and pieces of evidence. The player can do quite a lot with the restricted play area, even more than is really required to solve the case.

The humour is silly and mostly comes from the weirdness of all the colourful characters. I felt the voice acting and the exaggerated art style really brought all the characters alive nicely, they entertained me much more than the ones in the original flash version.

Just a few euros for a couple of hours of quality fun is a good deal. And I certainly will be playing the possible future cases of the mighty detective Grimoire.

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