Free2play Mobile Bunch

Lately I’ve been “taking it easy” and trying out some mobile games. I’m not a huge fan of mobile gaming in general, but my daughter got me back to farming in Hay Day. Then I almost accidentally tried something else too, and there I was: hooked on a bunch of mobile games. And while these games are from super casual to pretty casual, I’m personally never able to play anything completely casually, if I keep playing something, the obsession is born, and it doesn’t go away easily.

I will be writing short reviews for the following mobile games (and include links here when they are ready):

Clash Royale
Dungeon Boss
Fallout Shelter
Hay Day
Neko Atsume
Plants vs. Zombies.

All of these games have plenty of free content, and a number of other good sides. But of course some are better than the others.


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