The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 1

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


Since the PC release and the patch which added real quest missions to the game, I became hooked on Fallout Shelter again. It’s free to play and easy enough even without any micro-payments. For some challenge I decided to take one more try with the survival mode, which is the same game with some more dangers and without resurrection. Earlier I got my ass handed to me by the deathclaws, so I went back to the regular game – weeping. But it’s just too smooth, I’m done with it now.

So here begins the tale of the hardships in the most originally numbered vault 666:

The handful of vaulters start with lvl5, lousy stats and crappy guns. Soo many BB guns… Luckily enough those tiny shots seems to work even on giant cockroaches. Quickly, while expanding the first resource rooms, the vault population grew to 12 – with 1:1 male to female ratio. Then a somewhat decent hero appeared from a lunchbox, so the first day started for real with my lucky 13.


My initial plan has pretty much always been to rush to 18 dwellers to build the Overseer’s room, and after that to 32, so I can start pumping some endurance to the new generations. The last stat enhancing rooms then come pretty much automatically. With survival mode though, one must be careful when expanding, as the first Deathclaw attack might become pretty deadly if one isn’t properly prepared for it.

Let the breeding begin! I felt like giving these guys the free choice on spouses (opposed to my usually eugenics approach), but the living quarters only fit 6 people, so it couldn’t be totally random. While observing the pairings I noticed that there seems to be some kind of bro code happening. Couple of guys apparently warmed up their conversation partners, then quickly switched up, and the new guy immediately took the warmed up lady to the backroom. What is this? Well, I don’t care really, as long as there’s some new specimens on the way.


Now that half of the vault is pregnant, it’s pretty hazardous. Those cockroaches and fires roam constantly, and the pregnant women seem to be incapable of handling them. They have awesome screams though. A few of my guys were actually getting a bit too close to death with this super-breeding tactic. I decided to take a nap until the babies would hatch.


Super-breeding caused some more problems later on, as could be expected. Those babies keep using the vault’s resources but don’t produce anything. This meant that every adult had to be building resources and still they were running low. Also the raiders attacked like 6 times n a row with short intervals, and I had barely set up the medbay. So I managed to lose my first dweller – the first to enter and the first to die: RIP Jonathan Lee. At least he managed to make a baby girl Julie before kicking the bucket. I’ll try to keep her safe.


I had my first team on a rehearsal mission. It went well, but with the scarce resources and already one dead drone, I couldn’t sent them for another. Time to wait the super-bred babies to grow up. At least I got a decent laser rifle – or Wazer Wifle – from another lunchbox. Looks like I need to keep it strictly as a defensive weapon though, those raiders seem to really love the place.


I checked up on the babies and they were only 2/3 of the way to adulthood. I got another lunchbox hero though, and managed to stabilize the resources. I even had a couple of guys in the medbay, one in the radio room, and I sent the new hero to the wasteland to do some exploring.

When my babies finally grew up, I was able to complete a couple of more missions, sent out a few dwellers to wasteland exploration, and still have my last two couples from 1st generation doing the hanky panky. The second generation will have at least 8 children then, will see if there’ll be siblings.

Currently I’m being bombarded by Mole rats, those ugly bastards keep re-attacking before I can finish a sentence. And finally they demanded a sacrifice, for all my stimpaks went out. RIP Vincent Hawkins, may your lovely son Rusty live on. I feel like I’m being a bit sloppy, I usually don’t lose dwellers this early on. I swear.


I’ve already tagged my first mission team, and unfortunately it’s quite a sausage fest. Both my lunchbox heroes are males and the third one is this pretty lousy jack-of-all-trades. Team Sausage Fest did a bunch of missions, and learned that the Gridiron Gang had some hard hitting bosses. The hardships were worth it though, as they rescued a certain lovely Danielle, who immediately started cooking some delicious meals to our dwellers.

I proceeded on to those siblings. Unfortunately the two dead dudes were unable to reproduce, but the rest got their chance – save for our first lunchbox hero David, who was a bit too late for the party. I’m not impregnating the full vault again. I also got myself a new lunchbox hero – the best so far. I present the Lovely Lykoi.


When the day finally turned, I got a score of B. Which is okay I guess, considering I killed two of my dwellers. This is what my vault looked after a busy day:


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