The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 2

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


After the intensive first day on the nightmare vault, things weren’t really looking up. On their 6th mission, I lost a member of Team Sausage Fest. It was due to human mistake. A little human beside me going “look, mommy, look!”. And I looked. And there was a grenade. RIP Randy Green, our jack-of-all-trades (but definitely a master of none).


The bad news didn’t end there, because Randy’s wife was struck with such sorrow that she lost the child she was carrying (her second). Sleep well, little baby.

(What really happened was some kind of bug. It used to be quite common to see never-ending pregnancies when the unborn child’s father had died. They fixed this, but now apparently the whole baby disappeared. I think it was probably also related to the faux Radroach alert I got, which was follower by a team of raiders, who were just smacking the vault door without progressing. Relaunch fixed this, but there was no baby anywhere.)

With Randy gone, Team Sausage Fest needed another member. I quickly realized that while dashing Danielle made the best muffins, others could cook too. And Danielle already had a strong incentive to continue with the team that had rescued her already.

She didn’t like the team name though. The new name is Team Lunchbox. The two guys and the kitten were gifts from lunchboxes, and Danielle herself was the lunch lady. It didn’t take long to notice how nicely she fit in the team with her perky personality.


When some of the non-disappearing babies were born, I could finally start building training rooms. It was really hard to try to spare people for training though, as the vault was being constantly raided, and the resources were constantly running out. I set my Team Lunchbox to train a couple of stats too, and put the further missions on hold.

I also started crafting weapons for my dwellers. It will be a while before I can make anything good, but enhanced shotguns will do fine for now. At least some dwellers were happy.


Now seemed like a good time to start the 3rd generation. The two to lose their fathers when young found each other, and the rest mingled together into some kind of 3 pairings. After this initial round of 4 babies, I decided to also pair up my Danielle and a couple of new girls who were attracted by our radio calls.

Team Lunchbox managed to a single mission before it was grounded again for Danielle’s pregnancy. So I gathered up some girls and made a lower level backup team called 2nd Gen Girls. They borrowed Lykoi because (s)he’s badass.


I was just about to send the 2nd Gen Girls to their second mission, when a huge fire struck the vault. At that moment I had barely any stimpaks left. This resulted in the death of the Scott sisters. I was so horrified that I forgot to take a picture of their charred bodies. Melissa Scott was a part of 2nd Gen Girls. Now it was lacking a member too. Not to mention those stimpaks.

I had even built a second medbay because of the constant disasters, but still there’s just crap after crap. A Fire in one single room can easily suck 10+ stimpaks before it’s out, and afterwards, there’s already some raiders at the door. I’m also a bit suspicious about those rushing percents in this game. I only rush with 25-35%, yet I get constant fails. Why you hate me, RNG Jesus?

Also I realized making a mistake building the overseer’s office to the first floor. For some reason disasters can strike the office, but the dwellers are not allowed to patrol it, so it’s one bastard of a spreading disaster hole. The living quarters next to it are also usually empty, so containing gets even worse.

The second day ended with this sad note. Both Scott sisters had managed to give birth to 3rd generations girls, who will be left to mourn their brave firefighting mothers. For the daily score I got a B+. Seems like a faulty meter.

Here’s a family tree from the vault:


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