The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 3

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


Disasters strike in three. Is it something that is said? After the death of the Scott sisters, their father encountered a Super Duper Mart on the wasteland. He managed to clear it to the last room, where one of those grenade-throwing-bitch-bosses once again got the better of my people. Actually he managed to take the boss with him, but the minions still finished poor Gabriel Scott. Maybe it was better this way. He never had to hear about his daughters.

Family Scott took a hit then. I wonder how suicidal the mother must feel. Maybe she just focuses on being a great grandma for the poor motherless girls, Maria and Diana.

With all these casualties, there was room for more babies. Then I noticed that I had lost one baby again. What was going on? Angela had been pregnant, but there isn’t a baby anywhere! Well, let’s make another then, damn it. And then something strange happened. When the couple entered the back of living quarters to get closer to each other again – poof, she was not only pregnant again but immediately ready to give birth. The mystical disappearing pregnancy had reappeared.

What are all these bugs in this certain vault? Is it actually cursed? Isn’t there one too many sixes?

I don’t remember encountering any bugs on my earlier vaults, but now I’ve already noticed three. The third that I didn’t mention yet, was a team heading out while raiders attacked. They got stuck right outside the door. Relaunch luckily worked again.

Finally got myself one of those Mr. Handy things. So handy. I hope they can be repaired in survival mode, and their destruction doesn’t count as “death”.


Team Lunchbox is on the road again. They found their first flame thrower. Nice!


And a lot of other things. Like a parrot. So bright. Never had a bird before. I might have spoiled this part of the story with the opening image.


I was thinking about upgrading the overseer’s office to run the second team simultaneously with the first. But the two 2nd Gen Girls that were still alive, were a bit too busy making more babies. Also I felt like I’d need to train wasteland adventurers a bit more, so they wont drop dead when they encounter their first mart. So, I trained people. And instead of upgrading the office, I decided to move it downstairs, since it gave me so much headache on the ground floor.


I also fell in love. The jack-of-all-trades Randy Green’s second granddaughter turned out to be a lovely little redhead with great attitude. She’s a true 3rd generation adventurer and I’ll be definitely training her for the 3rd team.


It was only the third day, but I got my first Deathclaw visitation. No one died, but it took forever to get those bastards down. And of course they came back 5 minutes later. Like all those fires weren’t draining my stimpaks already like crazy. At certain point I ran out again, and immediately had a casualty. It was 1st generation Samantha Day, the wife of David from Team Lunchbox, and also the mother-in-law of Danielle.

On the more happier note, the crazy ass parrot wasn’t the only pet I received this day. I got another kittykat in the evening!


The exp bonus was really nice, as I was pumping up a replacement for the poor Melissa Scott in 2nd Gen Girls. Right at the end of the day, Emily Powell was ready to take the place. She wasn’t really a 2nd generation dweller on this vault, but she arrived at that time, and had been working hard to prove herself.

2nd Gen Girls moved out for their next mission!


Oh, and I got a another B rating. I have zero idea what is up with that daily scoring system. It’s purely tied to the happiness percent of the exact moment the timer runs out, no further depth to it. And the prize is something silly like 100+ caps, which is lousy for a daily reward. I guess there was something decent at the end of the week, but it’s still a long way away.

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