The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 4

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


I guess not all days start out as nightmares. Just with the regular fires and raids. But we’ll see, we’ll see.

Now that Deathclaws have decided to pay me a visit rather regularly, it’s even more important to get my dwellers more endurance and levels. And of course better weapons. The thing is, my dwellers kinda suck. I’d like to train them more, but they are so sucky that I need to keep most rooms filled, especially the power producing rooms.


The would be a nuclear reactor available when I reach 60 dwellers but I’m not even close. I still need to reproduce though. I’ve killed so many dwellers that I haven’t still been able to build the game room. My dwellers need the game room! It’s an important part of keeping people sane, but also important to me, so that the bastards get some more luck and don’t fail every single time I try to rush a room.

The third generation is missing men. I already decided to put the rather newbie generation on baby business, as I’m a strong believer or two-child-policy. All the 2nd generation pairs have already had two children, and those old fogeys from 1st gen can’t make any more babies!

The radio room has been a bit disappointing too. I think I’ve gained a dweller a day or something like that, and it’s supposed to proc every two hours or so. Boo! The last dude who was lured in with the radio, immediately got to have his pick between two beautiful young women. One might seriously think that there’d be a line on the door after that. But I guess not, then!


While the vault was hit by regular raids and disasters – that were contained pretty well for a change – Team Lunchbox finished an important quest line of releasing Bottle and Cappy. Now these dudes will come and visit the vault in wildly inappropriate times, giving some extra bottlecaps and Nuka colas – if I have time to find them and poke them through all those disasters.


It didn’t really surprise me, that when these dudes decided to visit me the first time, they were instantly followed by another Deathclaw attack. Thanks guys!

Mr. Handy been extremely busy and helpful with all the fires and raids. It breaks down several times per day, but luckily it can be repaired even in survival mode. It’s 2k bottlecaps each time, but it’s only money. I’ve started to collect decent amounts now, but they’ll be soon gone when the upgrading begins again.

The 2nd Gen Girls were tracking down Paula Plumbkin. (Thanks to the game writers for being gross.) Emily fit right in, and they were doing great, handling several missions. The lovely +exp kittykat joined each mission since Emily was still dragging a bit behind on the levels.


I also seem to have settled on a couple of regular wasteland explorers, Margaret and Gabriel. They’ve been doing a fine job hauling in all kinds of crap and not dying. I even found another pet!

It seems close to impossible, but I really didn’t kill a dweller today. Is my luck turning? Or maybe I’m just getting better. I can click things, here’s proof:



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