The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 5

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


The 5th day pretty much started with the very grateful Bottle and Cappy visiting the vault, accompanied by some Feral Ghouls. But things were going smooth enough for the most part. Training, managing resources, questing…

I had time to snicker on the positioning in combat. Are you sure the flame will reach from there, David? At least Gabriel is taking it safe, so he doesn’t accidentally miss with his shotgun.


I could finally build the game room. Like 80 % of my dwellers had a luck score of 1/10. Now for some serious boosting. There’s my future 3rd team The Redheads gaming on.


I wanted to finally upgrade the weapon factory and start producing some nice rare weapons, so it was time to squeeze a few more babies out. There were many: for example Barbara Lee had a healthy baby boy called Bruce Lee. Today even the radio called in more than one person. I felt like I was getting somewhere with the population.

I sent another guy for some wasteland scouting, and upgraded a bunch of training rooms. The upgraded rooms are really much more fun to watch. Nice animations! Which wont show here, since I can’t bother frapsing them.


Team Lunchbox had missions to clear some vaults, and to slay a Mole Rat Queen. They were doing fine, but a bit too quickly clearing out the higher level missions. The ones closer to 30 would become seriously dangerous, and I wasn’t really interested making them run some lvl 10 missions, when I already have newer teams in need of experience. Maybe it’s time to train some stats again.


The 2nd Gen Girls continued on the Plumbkin case. They encountered a vault filled with Radscorpions, and unfortunately Emily wasn’t quite ready for them. This was a sad thing, I really liked Emily, she was cute and had spunk. Her cat was very sad, but the rest of team pretty much felt that “the show must go on” – instantly.

Now that yet another girl from the second generation was dead, I was running out of options. There would have still been one “newcomer” girl from the generation, but she was even more behind than Emily was.

I took drastic measures then, and recruited a 2nd gen guy, Jose Green, the son of the jack-of-all-trades Randy. He didn’t mind being called one of the girls, so the name stood. First, Jose needed to train a bit, and then he was ready to continue on the Plumbkin case. So the team went on to spread polite compliments.

Unfortunately, Emily was not the only one to pass away this day. There was a fire right after I had sent most of stimpaks out of the vault with a team, and a poor newcomer Kathy Mason wasn’t fast enough to run from the flames. Also, something very unexpected happened with a major Mole Rat outbreak.

Now, this really sucks. Emily, a cute newcomer, and Bruce Lee?

At least there was still some flow to the vault at the end of the night. I got a lunchbox nerd – ehm, hero. Also a very handsome cat.


After the nerd-hero fiddled a bit with the computer, he was presented with an interesting choice. (The lack of males make me feel like a dirty pimp, quite uncomfortable.)


I would have picked Nuka Cola! But all these dwellers seem suspiciously straight and eager to reproduce. So our new nerd chose the darker skinned Patricia.

Overall, this day had so many sad losses, and I got an A minus? Pfft.What a load of crap.


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