The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 6

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


This messed up vault might have one messed up overseer. I have missed a day. I reckon day 5 was actually days 5 – 6, or 4 was 4-5 and 5 was 5-6. Like it matters really.

I don’t know where the mishap happened, but this is supposed to be day six and I got the 7th day reward. I mean I know that I skipped a day with the writing, but I was writing about the earlier day then. Holidays screwing with my head… Or maybe I got a double reward at some point. Must be another bug!

Anyway, we shall go on with the day 6 being day six, because I say so.

There were a lot of raiders, which is fine, because I kill them before they get further than the vault door. But it was getting ridiculous: there was hardly enough time to clear up the old corpses when a new band of raiders hit.

It was time for the 3rd generation to prove themselves. Team Redhead left for their first mission. They were well-trained and pretty over-geared, so they easily bat their first mission – even though they were barely high enough level for it.



Zachary, Danielle’s son, headed out as the 4th wasteland scout. I’d been training him like the Redhead girls, so he also did fine despite being rather low level.


It’s important to keep sending out dwellers just to explore the wasteland. Well, at least it is important to me, because I’m getting quests for wasteland random encounters.

My earlier wasteland scouts were all from the 1st generation. Actually the two first ones were a couple, Gabriel and Margaret, and I didn’t even notice. The vault really doesn’t support family time. If I leave any couple alone for 5 minutes, there’s just more babies on the way. I have to be careful with all these sneaky and lecherous bastards. (There’s also a cat spoiler.)


The biggest issue of the day has been power. I have 3 rooms producing power but it’s just not enough. I really don’t want to make more, so I’m aiming for 60 dwellers, when the Nuclear plant unlocks. Power is infuriatingly hard resource to stabilize on survival mode. Basically I’m constantly producing 2 to 3 times more than I spend, but the nonstop disasters and raids drain it like crazy. I’d need a big surplus at all times, but as I’m getting close to a better reactor, I want to save my resources for it.

So, more babies! Time for the 4th generation! I put an order on a few, and just so happened that there was some cousin action. Two of the three pairs picked their own cousin. What’s wrong with you people? The immediate family doesn’t seem to reproduce (or maybe they have a secret stash of contraception devices) but apparently first cousins are not only fine, they’re better than non-relatives. One child policy for those weirdos!

The day ended with a bunch of pregnant ladies and a weekly reward of a lunchbox. Which gave me the pretty cat on the picture above. The daily score was another B+. And I guess no one died? Probably because I didn’t play that long this day.



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