The Nightmare on Vault 666 – Day 7

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


The word of the day is Radscorpion. Oh, how I hate them. Obviously I would dislike them also IRL since they are huge scorpions, but they most definitely rise some emotions in-game. Their mere existence in same space will cause my dwellers damage and radiation damage. And they are tough buttholes. They just burrow from room to room, even when I have my best weapons on them. I haven’t lost many dwellers on them, but it’s not like it isn’t close every time. And I have lost my nerves.

On the positive side, this day also brought me a lot of non-butthole-animals. As in pets. I already showed off the beautiful cat, Mary in the last post. Actually I received her from the weekly lunchbox reward, which I opened at the beginning of this day. But there was more! I also got a poodle, and another cat, Pugsley! So cute, I want to squeeeeze it.


To gain some pets I had to lose some dwellers, it seems. I lost another newbie, Joshua West. At least he had just made a baby girl Ruth, so his genes will live on!


The losses for the day didn’t end there. Something truly terrible happened. Team Lunchbox is no more. There was this huge, scary Radscorpion boss that pretty much one-hit both David and Danielle. As I had suspected, the team just wasn’t ready. I will be sure to train 2nd Gen Girls better before continuing on this quest line.


Pets would have brought the items back (which is pretty funny actually) but I managed to save Jesse Rice, though just barely. He isn’t feeling up to joining another team, so he continues as another solo wasteland scout.

And my wasteland scouts at least had fun encounters. Zachary has turned out to be a very decent adventurer with his cat. And later on newly started Jesse met some interesting raiders. I personally might not go against a flame-thrower armed only with baseball bats.

To add some insult to the injury, Danielle’s spouse Alexander passed away later in the day. Now Zachary is the oldest of the family. At least he still has offspring. Poor boy, luckily he seems to like spending time alone.

The other teams were doing okay, steady progressing and some training between missions.

I finally managed to build the nuclear reactor. It really helped with the power, especially with those butt-scorpions roaming around. But it really isn’t that exciting to look at. What a let down.


I started to train a 4th team, still unnamed, for the future missions. And slowly growing the population towards 70, to gain access to gardens. Personally, I’d prefer if I didn’t need to raise the population to 100 to unlock all the rooms. I’ve always been a fan of smaller and cozier populations. With 100 people I tend to just forget some of them. I still have my favourites, but I don’t like not being able to separate all my people from the mass.




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