The Nightmare on Vault – Day 8

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


There are disasters and then there are disasters.

Butt-scorpions were draining my power, stimpaks, radaways and patience. But I was somehow managing it still. Until I ran out. Before I could get more stimpaks on the way, Mole rats attacked empty living quarters. Careless, I know, but I just didn’t have people to spare with the power drainage.

Those pesky Mole Rats were also followed by a fire. This combined resulted in the biggest death wave I’ve yet seen on the game, in any of my vaults. It was a mess.

May the dead be remembered. (There’s also finally a charred body. I think they look really cool. Might be a bit morbid thing to say, but I just really like the looks.)

Interesting notion about writing down all the dead people: I found out that a person called Douglas Chandler had existed. He was not in any of my family charts. Based on the name and level I placed him as Axelle’s (one of the 2nd Gen Girls) brother.

Last time I was ranting about there being too much people to remember, and now I found out that one person had slipped the system completely. Actually, earlier I had suspected that my living and dead dwellers didn’t quite add up, they were at least one off, but I never found the sneaky bugger.

Another notable thing on that death list are the three Martins. Those are the husband and two daughters of Jacqueline Powell. I am unsure if the game did one of its famous bugs, or if Jacqueline indeed was stuck on 0% happiness for a while after The Incident. She had the happiness dog and she was healed up, working and training, but her happiness didn’t rise above the 31% the poodle alone provided. I moved her around the vault and switched the dog around too, and slowly she begun to feel positive emotions again.

Luckily she soon got a shoulder to cry on, and went on to be the first non-swan on my vault. (They are supposed to only have one mate ever, or something like that). She had a son with her new spouse.

There were also other babies. I found out that not all fatherless babies disappear.


Today I ran into Deathclaws everywhere, but I didn’t really mind. I seem to handle them fine, though certainly they also took a small share of the stimpaks. The thing is: I only hate butt-scorpions now. Anyway, those Deathclaws visited me in the vault a few times, but I also needed to handle a bunch of them in wasteland encounters and missions. Scratch him bloody, Pugsley!


Unlike the vault, the missions were handled well. The teams were doing their job with the expected enthusiasm, even in these circumstances. I finally even met the elusive Paula Plumbkin. But I shall not give away all the quest details.

I managed to get another Mr. Handy from somewhere. Also got a couple of new kitty pets, Toyger and Abyssinian. Lovely Toyger probably had one of the most useless bonuses ever, but oh well, it’s a cat at least.

I finally remembered to build the barbershop. It had been available for a while, but back then I didn’t want to spend 10k for pure vanity. Now with loads of excess money, I recalled it, and gave the 2nd Gen Girls permission to try out some bad-ass dyes. Jose’s turn is next, didn’t have time to squeeze him in for the same day. Oh, what the hell, I’ll just show him already. He was done the next morning.

I was pretty annoyed by the events of this day, and my resolution was wavering. Even the bright hair colors didn’t soothe me completely. So I went to Google to check out what the F was the deal with the butt-scorpions.

Apparently it was possible to just avoid their attacks. I hadn’t noticed people could be evacuated from the rooms it was attacking – I didn’t seem to be able to remove people freely from other disasters. Removing the weak dwellers from butt-scorpion’s stings, saved tons of stimpaks and radaways for the other disasters.

There remains a problem with the tactic though. The power drainage is still huge. Huuuuge. A full-duration scorpion leeches the vault dry. At this point already I was constantly producing over 3x the needed amount of power, but the continuous disasters were still draining me to the point where there wasn’t enough power for all the rooms. Survival mode procs disasters constantly, and most of them drain power.

Anyway, I had pretty decent weapons already and I was constantly crafting and questing for more, so I was sure I wasn’t too far away from beating the scorpions with force. So I decided to just grind my teeth and get past this.


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