Nightmare on Vault 666 – The End of the 2nd Week

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


I was a bit disheartened about the start of the second week but I continued with the game. Just didn’t really feel up to update every detail immediately anymore. So I kept taking some screenshots to remind me of things that happened, to be written down later.

The vault was getting bigger – too big to be handled in perfect detail. I was herding a bunch of headless chickens there. This is what the vault looked like at the moment, including an updated family tree.

The people in the family have been color-coded. I guess it’s pretty sad if I think about it too much. Green is Team Lunchbox, pink is 2nd Gen Girls, blue is wasteland scouts, red is Team Redhead and purple is the completely new team I’m training at the moment. I also color-coded the numbers by the dweller’s generation inside the vault. All in all, I spent way too much time on this.

Like usual, I would have been fine with fewer incidents, but obviously they just kept coming, and basically interrupting every plan I ever had. I was starting to handle butt-scorpions better, but they still drained shit tons of power, and a couple of them in row basically drained me completely red.

I lost a bunch of guys (Greg, Peter, Brandon and Bobby) on these days to a couple of different incidents, but with so many dwellers, I hardly even cared.


Until one of my wasteland scouts met their end. I had already aborted an earlier encounter with Margaret, because the enemies just seemed to be super strong. But then I got a bit too confident with handling a couple of deathclaws nicely. I entered the basement and met a deathclaw boss. Very briefly though, since Margaret went down immediately.

She wasn’t kidding with her last words. Should have taken them seriously. At least her lovely parrot brought her things – and the bad news – back to the vault.

The wasteland roaming couple Margaret and Gabriel had pretty much taken Zachary, the poor orphan, under their wing. They taught him the ways of the wasteland. Now the mourning guys paired up for some 2-man missions to support each other, also taking care of Margaret’s bird.


There were actually a bunch of specialty missions available. I found them to be at least slightly refreshing change to the basic quests. Though it was annoying to send out people to some missions without any endurance gear. Lab coats might look cool but I want those hitpoints while leveling up!


Poor Margaret aside, the other scouts were doing pretty well on their trips to the wasteland. Gabriel burned some butts and Jesse was getting all philosophical about his lonely life after losing his Lunchbox team mates.

Inside the vault I had turned the radio off, but needed it back on after the massacre of the day 8. I  acquired a few people from it, but I also had to remove the cousin ban (allowing even the fairly incested people the same 2 child opportunity). I also got a rare dweller from a lunchbox. I decided she was cool with her dark skin and her hair like whipped porridge.


Speaking of hair, there was hardly any action in barbershop. It only had two clients after 2nd Gen Girls were done. Firstly, Dorothy from Team Redhead. She thought her hair just wasn’t red enough compared to the other girls, and went for a lovely dark wine red tone. The other client was a new dweller who wasn’t allowed to pair up with the lovely Madison (my favourite from the 5th generation) until he had fixed his weird head.

I built some more nuclear reactors and upgraded them. I replaced the top floor living quarters with one of the reactors, because the empty quarters sucked balls when the vault was attacked through the door.


I also finally acquired some complete plans for some new themes. I wasn’t at all in a hurry to build the theme workshop, as the themes are rather expensive, and take up a lot of working hours. It’s basically just a money and resource sink for the bored players. Way more expensive than the barbershop.


Lastly, I forgot to boast with all the new pets I got. So here they are. Cute and useful. Not to mention getting my first legendary pet.


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