The Nightmare on Vault 666 – 3rd Week

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


The rhythm in the vault was getting steadier. Incidents were cleared better and faster, which resulted in fewer deaths. The population had been growing slow and steady (to avoid more disasters) and I finally hit the needed 75 dwellers to upgrade my weapon workshop. Legendary weapons, hello!

The list for the new craftable weapons was beautiful. Gearing the dwellers up is one of the more rewarding parts of the game. It could have been difficult to choose which weapon to pick, but Julie had handled this part. Unlike the other dwellers who kept changing their weapons for different gigs, she stuck with her Junk Jet. Because of this she was already falling a bit behind on gear. I was planning on rewarding her loyalty and bad-assery with a brand new legendary Junk Jet.

I hardly ever played the vaults to this size before – maybe once or twice, usually got bored before. I hadn’t been crafting those legendary weapons and outfits. But now I understood the appeal to have a lot of dwellers. Even with a full room these legendary items take several days to complete. I still don’t like the idea of a huge community, but I decided to raise the population anyway.

At 80 dwellers (or something like that) the garden opened up. It doesn’t really make a big difference, it’s just a bit more efficient food room than the diner, but I do like the looks of the garden. And the idea how wonderful it must be to visit, inside a steel vault surrounded by wasteland. Makes my heart all warm.


Our wasteland dwelling heroes continued on. Gabriel and Zach ran out of 2man missions and continued their adventures solo again.


I also needed to send the people from 4th team to scout the wasteland and gain a few levels before they were high enough to qualify for missions.


Now the team was ready to go. They needed a name and my mind was blank. Basically, they were all very cute, so all I could come up with was “Cuties”, but the team thought that was stupid. They’re edgier, they’d rather be “Cooties”.

So, Cooties went off to their first mission, where they needed to stop a Raider wedding. They did, by luring the bride to join our vault. There’s Madison with her surgeon mask, Jacqueline who’s been through hell losing her whole family, and Raymond, who’s a handsome bastard, but currently hiding behind the gas mask.


Team Redhead continued on those special missions. This one required them to wear night gowns. Very practical.


2nd Gen Girls were doing their thing. It was pretty obvious they weren’t as tough as the newer teams that had been training since level 1, but they did well enough. Until Jose went down suddenly. Extra annoying thing about it was that he was the one wearing the endurance suit (which I would swap around whenever someone gained a level) and apparently one cannot strip the dead guy until the end of the mission. Lame. Sorry Jose, but I already got over your death.

I decided to bench the rest of the 2nd Gen Girls. Train them hard to make up for the sloppy early levels. Obviously they weren’t going to get as much hp as the newer guys, but I’d at least boost them up to full endurance for the rest of the levels. And get them some perception and agility too so they’d hit more accurately and faster. Gawdh, those fights are so slow.

I addition to Jose’s demise, I lost 4 other dwellers: Maria, Daniel, Edward – and someone. Look, now and then I was a bit bored with all the incidents. Some dude died. I didn’t write his name down. He’s gone. I don’t feel like digging it up because I already know what the next week was like. Spoileeers!

There were several new pets again this week, so cute, especially Bella. She’s kinda Madison’s cat – mostly. I also got another Mr. Handy. I’m not sure how many it was at this point. Four? Not enough for all the floors, that’s for sure.


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