The Nightmare on Vault 666 – 4th Week

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


I was sort of bored already, and sort of pissed with all the negatives of the game. But I was still addicted pretty hard. I was determined to at least finish up some quest lines and craft some more legendary gear. To achieve something before giving up.

I spent a lot of time just training people, because I didn’t want to lose more team members. But I still squeezed in some quests. At this point I needed to mix and match the teams and scouts a bit. There were level and skill requirements, and sometime the original team just didn’t fit.

Gloria substituted members of The Cooties and Julie and Axelle from 2nd Gen Girls did a couple of quests with a higher level scout. My scouts were mostly at max level (50) or arriving there, but the team members had more training and were dragging behind.

So team members also had to scout a bit more, to reach the growing level requirements of missions.

Below is the elusive handsome Raymond, with one of the institute weapons that I like very much. I guess it’s because with it the dwellers do a little roll and then shoot while on their knees. The animation is fun. And it might not seem like much, but as I have already stated, the fights are rather boring, so having some decent animations to look at makes them just a little bit better.


Then I sent most of my scout boys on a mission together. Zach joined Jesse and Russell from the first generation. Gabriel was still alive too, but busy with something else at the moment. Unfortunately I would soon again lose a hero from the 1st gen.


At some point I think I just completely forgot Russell on a scouting mission. Apparently Centaurs are tough or something. At least dear Pugsley is safe and brought all the crap back with him.

Couple of days of scouting is not really that long, but being a member of 1st gen, Russell had less hitpoints and probably somewhat less of other stats too. My newer scouts stayed alive basically for weeks, unless I spent all their stimpaks on an encounter. I usually called them back after a few days though, because I already wanted all the stuff they had gathered.


Other oldies didn’t die. But a bunch of other people did. At least 5 of them. I’m not sure how much more. I probably stopped tracking the deaths at some point. I had already given up on updating the family tree a while ago. Too much people and too much annoyance with everything.

At this point I was already aiming slowly for the 100, to open up the last room. And while the radio room worked well finally, and I even found some dwellers to rescue from the wasteland, I kept losing people to incidents regularly, and the population just hung around 95-99.

All the fresh dwellers especially drop dead way too fast. They’re level 1 or 5 and die in a couple of seconds when a butt-scorpion attacks. Deathclaws always attack from the vault door, so I can choose to keep my low level dwellers deeper underground, but there’s still butt-scorpions and fires, and sometimes an unlucky Mole Rat spawn.

Below is yet another low level victim of fire. The rat is a nice touch.


I really hoped there would be some kind of improvement later on to make the vault safer. They could be super expensive, but like fire extinguishers or reinforcing the vault door more, or some kind of protector tank characters that would keep the lowbies in the room safe.

But there isn’t. And I was again a bit annoyed when I lost the raider bride I had just barely rescued. I was planning a great future for her. But I was once again hit with the bug of the health bars not showing up during a disaster. When the stimpak icon showed up, she died in a second. She wanted something better than the raider life, but I guess she was fated to be stung by a butt-scorpion.

Even though I didn’t reach 100 dwellers, I remembered that upgrading the outfit factory only needed 90. Legendary outfits, here I come! This mostly meant just crafting boring and ugly wasteland gear for the 7 points of endurance. But there was cool stuff too, that I might eventually have time to craft.

I also had crafted a couple of themes with a single spare dweller, and finally put them to use. I guess it’s a nice change, but still mostly just a money sink. And the themes are not even implemented that well. Only 3-wide rooms can use the new themes, and all the similar rooms change the theme at once.

Below there’s the regular living quarters vs. railroad living quarters, and probably minutemen diner vs. the normal diner. (I forgot, and at this point I’m not logging back in to check. Have to try to remain clean and sane.)


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