The Nightmare on Vault 666 – 5th And Final Week

Let’s Play: Fallout Shelter Survival Mode


…or thirty.

It’s over! I’m not a least bit surprised that this “playthrough” turned into work. I tend to do that to myself. The vault gets bigger and there’s more to do, and I still need to minmax certain things, so I’m stuck with “have to do this first and then that” and then it’s suddenly been two hours until I get to the part I wanted to do.

Just managing the skill leveling and constant disasters easily ate an hour or two on every login. I sent people on missions but barely had energy to clear the places, so I wasn’t rushing those trips. Instead I was getting a decent stock of Nuka-Cola for later use.

Now to introduce some of wasteland encounters of the week. The most important one was when Zach met the Deathclaw boss that killed Margaret. Finally revenge!


The truth is that I never really understood why these random encounter shabby cabins have an elevator in them. Seems so silly. It’s not like the whole building system is realistic or anything, but these elevators are just extra funny.


On the actual missions I noticed a new interesting low level quest chain, and decided to quickly train one more adventurer. I don’t think I wrote his name down. It was probably… Jerry? Let’s call him Jerry.


It was also the Valentine’s day this week, with a brand new seasonal quest line. Which was also very low level, so I didn’t bother sending in my best teams. I just gathered a bunch of people with decent stats and sent them out to check what was happening.

Unfortunately the mission was pretty boring compared to the winter holiday ones, but Valentine’s is only one day so I guess it’s okay. In general I really like the idea (and mostly the implementation too) of seasonal quests. The winter quests were fun and they had some special rewards like Santa and elf outfits.

The actual teams did a bunch of runs too, though they were probably even more mixed up now. There’s the brown Larry-boy, who was another wasteland scout I apparently forgot to introduce earlier. I used him on a bunch of missions this week.

On the last screenshot there’s Gloria taking on a vault with butt-scorpions on her own. Badass.

I tried to finish up all the quest lines I had started, so I did a lot of missions. I spent most of that Nuka-Cola I had stored up, and probably mixed all the quest lines in my head already.

Here’s some of the rewards. Including a couple of cool new dwellers that I won’t be playing.

Quite obviously I managed to get a couple more dwellers to finally reach the 100, and could build the elusive final room: Nuka-Cola plant. It produces food and water, and uses the endurance stat, which is nice. But it’s still not really exciting, the last reward really could be better. Also, there’s no way to get actual Nuka-Cola currency from the room, which seems a bit weird.


I also built a couple of new weapon and outfit workshops to “mass-produce” gear. I upgraded second legendary shops and kept a pair on stage two for rare items, for faster production of somewhat good stuff. I started to have a decent arsenal already with different types of high end weapons like plasma or gatling guns, flame throwers and even some Fatmans. I’m not a gun nut or even really a gear hog, but it does feel quite satisfying getting rid of those crappy old pistols and shotguns, and get my dwellers something decent.

Lastly I still felt like checking out the updated barbershop, I had totally forgotten it. I’m not really sure if glasses or hats really should require plastic surgery, but they’re fun. Maybe the cat ears are sown on the skull?

For a free game Fallout Shelter gave me a lot, and only took away a big chunk of my time. Unfortunately the complete package is only almost there, too many things in the game are just not that enjoyable.

I kind of hope that I wont get back to the game even with possible future patches, because I really want something a bit more complex, deeper and less random. I guess I really should play the main games, because I enjoy the world and the humour. I have a bunch of the games in my library, but I never played any of them more than 30 mins. Apart from Fallout Shelter, I have only played a decent amount of Fallout Tactics. It’s sacrilege, I know.

Though the main games probably wont scratch this particular itch, since I really am looking forward to the community and builder parts that Fallout Shelter has. I want a game like Fallout Shelter, just everything done better.


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