2016 Game Year Recap


Looking back this year there are plenty of nice games (because I don’t really keep playing bad ones) but a few are clearly above the rest.

Stardew Valley slayed it, it took me 160 hours to grow a bit bored. And I’ll still go back.

The classic Portal was great, of course. I also played some of the sequel’s co-op fields but haven’t gone trough the single player parts yet.

Fallout Shelter’s mission patch really surprised – and hooked me.

Also I would pick Tormentum above the other 8.0s. Maybe I should have given it a 8.5. Comparing to all those cute little games I gave the same 8.0, I feel like Tormentum was something a bit more.


Fresh games:

Clash Royale 7.0
Mandagon 8.0
Plantera 8.0
Stardew Valley 10.0

Dungeon Boss 7.5
Fallout Shelter 8.5
Hero of the Kingdom II 7.5
Tormentum – The Dark Sorrow 8.0

Older games:

Detective Grimoire 7.5
Fatehaven 8.0
Flight Control HD 8.0
Hayday 8.0
Hero of the Kingdom 7.5
Neko Atsume 8.0
Portal 9.0
Reus 8.0


These two adventures unfortunately got hit by my adventure dry spell. They’re good, but I just felt like taking a break from adventures, so I haven’t finished them yet. I will though, with reviews.

Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure 7.5

These ones will get a review some day or not. I played these games a bit or more but can’t review them yet – or don’t want to.

Civilization V
Grim Dawn
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Sun
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
World of Warcraft: Legion


I played a lot more board games than before. Might even review some if I ever have the time.

7 Wonders – Duel
Dale of Merchants I & II

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