Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure

demetrios01Score: 7.5
Ages: 13+

Demetrios is a heavily comedic old school adventure that was Kickstarted to existence last year. While it might not be an instant classic, it has plenty of impressive attributes.

The protagonist is an obnoxious douche with a sense of humour from the gutter. This is completely intentional, and the supporting characters are not exactly angels either. Everyone in Demetrios is stupid and/or a bastard. I don’t think the player is even meant to find anyone to relate to or to root for.

The story begins when the douche-bag-of-an-antique-dealer is knocked out during a burglary. From there he begins his stupid adventure to find out what was going on – and to woo the lady next door.

The later added patch gives the player an option to clean up some or pretty much all the toilet jokes, if they choose so. This will probably make the protagonist somewhat less icky too. I played the game with all the glory of the fart jokes, but I think this giving this kind of option is a brilliant idea. There are plenty of die-hard adventure fans that really don’t like this kind of humour, and they’d be happy to play Demetrios for its other merits.

So the game has a lot of toilet jokes, and other kinds of jokes. It’s mostly on the stupid side, like the characters. Obviously there are some misses, but the game hits the player with a sustained fire of jokes like a Leslie Nielsen movie or something, so they’re bound to cause laughter here and there.

Demetrios is also abundant with interactivity. It’s played mostly from 1st person view and the screens are quite static, but there are so many things to explore, that the surroundings seem pretty alive.

The numerous mini-games are implemented rather nicely. They fit the silly humour, they’re really easy – and especially easy to beat to the point the game requires one to.  So no one who dislikes them will be hung up on them.

Demetrios is an easy game in all aspects. There’s even a sort of mini-game of finding hidden cookies from the screens to be exchanged for hints. No one should get stuck. But then again it might be considered to be pretty hardcore if one were to actually go and collect all the cookies, game-over screens and other achievements. Even without the extra efforts, the game is a lengthy adventure. I played it through in something over 8 hours.

As for the plot: the mystery of the statue is pretty interesting, but it is heavily overshadowed by the comedy. All in all the story flows forward well, and the game runs smooth.

The art style of the game is interesting. The characters sure aren’t beautiful, but they have very expressive faces which are compatible with their obnoxious personalities. Overall the style is very suitable for the game, though personally I’m not a fan of the somewhat pastel colouring.

Demetrios is a solid comedic adventure. If one either likes this kind of silly humour or is an adventure enthusiast, I’d heavily recommend the game. For the rest it’s still a good one, but perhaps not a must play.

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