The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 3

The Wedding Disaster

It was time for the wedding party of William and Dimitri. They invited Dimitri’s family and a couple of Will’s friends. Will tried to cook some veggie chili for the guests but ended up setting the stove on fire.

The rest of the party went fine though and the boys said their vows while the guests wept. When it was time to move Dimitri in, they were presented with a hard choice. Will thought the toddler was Dimitri’s but after the moving in, it turned out it was actually his niece. Shit.

Let’s have another try with the wedding! Not taking the sister’s kid away from her, Will and Dimitri are not gay monsters.

The second wedding had no accident with the stove, but the chili was still pretty hot. For some reason Will couldn’t invite Dimitri’s parents again. I guess they disapproved the whole baby-snatching issue that happened in another universe.

Everyone had fun, the party was better than the last time, and it ended on some cuddlework in the bed. Like it should.

Things seemed to go alright. The boys adopted a little girl just before William’s birthday to senior citizenship. Dimitri also had a car in his back pocket for some reason, so they build a parking spot for it. Grandpa Will went for a drive. Watch out for elderly on the wheel!

Oh, but what happened then? Poof! All this disappeared. It was apparently just a weird dream.

And then it was time for a 3rd try on the wedding. Now seriously: the third time had better be the charm.

It was another fine wedding that Dimitri’s parents didn’t participate in. Maybe they were anti-gay. During this evening both of the boys had a little show in the yard. Dimitri was decent with a guitar and some fire juggling by Will made the performance even better. The boys had their wedding dance after the guests had left.

After the (hopefully last) wedding, Will had his last show as a young man. Still super cool and hot.

Just after this, Will grew older, and for some reason lost his hair. What’s up with the horrible crew cut with a pattern? Dimitri also looks horrified. Luckily a trip to the mirror will help Will glue some hair back on.

On a happier note, here’s Dimitri is throwing up in the bathroom. This means there’s going to be a baby! Since the dream-adopted girl wasn’t real, the guys had decided to go and just get a baby in the old-fashioned way.

Apparently the old-fashioned way included transparent male pregnancy. Though Dimitri totally rocks the look. With only his face and ankles visible, he’s still so enticing!

One finished order of a baby girl. It took a while, but William actually managed to reproduce in this super-straight super-breeding town. There’s one girl, two dads. Apparently there are no group hugs.

The baby is called Wilma, and she was born with the red hair and athleticism of his father. She was also absent-minded, which was well suited in this artistic household.

Will was already getting some decent rewards from his gigs, so there was plenty of money to expand the house. This of course meant a bedroom for the girl, a TV room, and a separate toilet from the bath. Dimitri also picked up painting at this point. He was going to be artistic all around.

Dimitri got a rather long paternity leave, so he could spend time with Wilma and train his painting and guitar skills. When he had to go back to work, Will just didn’t book gigs and stayed home with the kid when necessary.

Even though William always loved cats, he just never had got around adopting one. Too broke, too busy, had to take care of a baby… Now it was time, unless he wanted to die without ever having a cat.

This is Muori, and old lady (the name means quite literally ‘old woman’ in Finnish) that immediately became a part of the family.

She’s such a nice little cat, old and friendly. Will didn’t want to take a kitten to outlive himself. Two old queens would work well together. But everyone else also loved Muori. She often sat together with Wilma watching TV.

Will was throwing gigs like never before, he still totally got it. And a handsome grandpa he was, grr! It was nice getting home to be greeted by Muori, and to see the hot young husband fiddling the guitar.

Being so hot apparently turned William into one of those old locker room guys. He never bothered to get dressed after shower, guests or no guests. Yup, he’s nude even outside, while playing with Muori.

Muori had barely settled in, and Dimitri was pregnant again. Those dudes seemed to be the fertile sort. Wilma grew up to become a schoolgirl, and is apparently mocking her dad’s pregnant posture while talking about her other dad.

And here’s Daniel. He also likes cats. Among people he’s more of a loner.

Wilma grew up to become family-oriented, and she is taking care of Daniel. The kids sure are cute together. Muori also keeps her butt clean.

The kid Wilma is a nice girl. She does well in school, spends time with her family, and of course plays a lot. The second picture captured the ‘huuh?’ face that absent-minded sims have when they forget what they were doing. Meanwhile Will is repairing a stereo system for a neighbour.

The family loved to play with Muori — even Dimitri, who lacked the Atarnus family cat person gene. Others liked Muori too, like the maid. The family finally had pretty steady income so they decided to hire a cleaner. So, meet the worst maid ever. At a first glance she seems nice enough, liking cats and being friendly. But the truth is that she seriously sucked at her job.

The next pictures show just a few of the instances where she’s just plain playing around in the house instead of doing her job. She even had the audacity to sit down to read next to some dirty dishes. What a shitty maid. But the family didn’t have the heart to let her go.

Dimitri had been getting some promotions in his musical career. He also had progressed with his painting — enough to paint portraits. The first finished portrait was decent enough, portraying the lovely husband and patriarch William. Though some pink Christmas lights somehow snuck into the painting.

William would live forever now.

To be continued on part 4…

Today I learned:

So yeah, Dimitri didn’t bring along his baby but his sister’s. Which was a bit weird I guess. He just took off with the baby and stayed over with his lover. For some reason in the household moving screen it isn’t possible to study the family trees, so I ended up moving the niece in. As soon as I noticed, I decided to go back to the save before the wedding instead of being a baby thief. I  have no clue why Dimitri’s parents disappeared from the guest list. I just had to have the wedding without them then.

The second time around I lost the wedding due to a game crash. Remember to save often! The little girl I had adopted was obviously gone for good, as the babies are just RNG’d in Sims3 instead of the having an adoption pool like Sims2. At this point I just decided to go with the male pregnancy route. I really liked both of the guys, so I wanted to keep their genes. Unfortunately pregnant males didn’t have clothes apparently, so that brought about the transparent pregnancy. I fixed the issue afterwards.

WooHooer mod allows the player to practice risky sex, with a 10% chance of pregnancy. The second baby was conceived with this method. Wilma was very much intentionally tried for. Neither of the babies required much trying so the guys indeed seem to be rather fertile sort, or just lucky with numbers.

I hadn’t noticed before how much stuff the house cleaners really do around the house — besides cleaning that is. And I never before had encountered an elder sim this comfortable with nudity. But these are the kind of things that make the game so funny.

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