Puzzle Bots

puzzlebots01Score: 7.5
Ages: 3+

Puzzle Bots is a casual and cute adventure by Wadjet Eye Games. It’s one of their earlier titles, but all the promise can already be seen. The gameplay is fun and smooth, and the story brings out some giggles.

This colorful adventure focuses on the puzzles, as one might already suspect from the title. The player controls the small robots. They are introduced one at a time, and they all start out in a test chamber with their creator, which provides a clever tutorial to their abilities. The puzzles are rather simple, but they become more interesting and fun when they require some switching between the bots.

The humans have strange relationships and secrets, which the bots don’t really understand. Many of the jokes in the game revolve around this idea. There is a mystery of some sort, but the plot is very simple, and the game wouldn’t really be good if it wasn’t centered around the cute bots.

puzzlebots07Puzzle Bots is a lovely short game, that is fun to play. It has super cute mini robots! Recommended for the whole family.

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