The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 5

Welcomes And Goodbyes

It was time for the young Dimitri to finally begin his journey into old age. He certainly wasn’t 100% alluring anymore. Mostly it was the random horrible jumpsuit, luckily it could be changed into something less tacky.

Since William was gone, it was Dimitri’s turn to grab the screwdriver and fix things around the house. The family might have already had some decent money, but they were always handy, so why start paying for extra services now?

Dimitri was already a virtuoso in both guitar and painting. His job title was movie composer, and he decided to continue the career instead of retiring early. Just like William, he wasn’t a huge fan of wearing clothes around the house, but he at least liked to keep the underwear on.

Wilma was all grown up and started to flirt with the housekeeper. Soon things lead to another, and there was some fumbling first tries conducted secretly on the main bedroom. The new boyfriend did his after-sex-glow-walk while apparently thinking about rain. Well, nothing wrong about liking some rain.

William’s ghost visited again, and the two old guys could finally share a hug while being the same age. William still liked to sleep next to his lover.

The little Piki had grown up and lost his old friend, so the family went and got another cat, Iines.

Pretty much the first thing the new cat experienced, was the death of the family chipmunk. Wilma was sad, but luckily there were more rodents outside.

The cats really liked each other.


What’s happening to Iines? A new kitten! It was named Will, for rather obvious reasons.

Wilma and Daniel both took care of the kitties. Things didn’t work out with Wilma and the housekeeper, as the sleazy dude started dating someone else before Wilma could ask for him to go steady. So there was yet another housekeeper, and these guys still tended to be rather weird. This one stayed around until night, to play with the ghost cats.

Dimitri didn’t live long as an old guy. So it was time to say goodbye for the other dad. Luckily the kids were already grownups this time.

The life continued on a little while. Wilma got another boyfriend, who wasn’t exactly normal either. It’s unsure what he needed the wet-suit and slippers for.

Daniel had taken up a career in restaurant business, for he was a naturally talented chef. He was used to going for his cooking shift. Wilma stayed in and mostly just painted.

When things calmed down a bit, Daniel decided to look for an apartment of his own. He took the cat couple with him, and moved into another house in the neighbourhood. He was still single. It was hard being gay and shy in this area.

The little kitty that stayed did play with the ghost cats, but when winter came, Wilma felt that it was time to get a little bit more company. A new kitten, Myy,  was introduced to the family.

Dimitri didn’t stay away long. The old guys kept visiting. It’s apparently tiring to be dead. Or perhaps Dimitri just wasn’t quite used to it yet. William seemed to enjoy himself at least.

To be continued on part 6…


Today I learned:

No one is gay. Daniel had zero chances finding anybody without forcing things. And that wouldn’t really suit his loner nature.

Then again Wilma would find interested parties easily, but it was super hard holding on to them. Don’t meet them in a day, and they’re already dating someone else.

Probably should tune to mods to fix these things.

People die pretty fast. And grow old even faster. I’ll probably end up tuning the aging a bit.

The post-coital walk never stops being funny.


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