The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 6

Old People Make the Cutest Couples

It was just Wilma now, and two cats. The second boyfriend had been another massive disappointment. The dude actually got married to another person while seeing Wilma. There was a big fight, but it was so shocking that no pictures from it remained.

Wilma was sad for another reason too. She was growing older, and felt her biological clock ticking. Her brother Daniel was an excellent chef and a good friend, but he was also still single. Would the family line die so soon?

One day in the park Wilma made a new friend, Sanni. She was a sweet, charismatic lady. After Wilma found out that she was single and probably the only lesbian in the town, she decided to give it a try.

Sanni was a bit older than Wilma, and became an elder while they were just starting to date. Wilma didn’t mind. She was a nice person and a gentle lover. They tried for a baby quite fast, and it worked immediately.

Sanni was behaving a bit weird during the pregnancy. She was cackling like a maniac, wandering around the house obviously eyeing all the valuables. Wilma was beginning to hesitate if Sanni should move in after all.

There wasn’t much time to consider as the baby was due. Wilma brought home little Elli. The baby really took all her energy. Luckily Wilma didn’t have a nine-to-five job, she could take a break from her paintings.

Soon little Elli grew up to become a toddler. She was a genius, although one might not notice it right away. Wilma also grew old. Elli was going to be her one and only little star.

The elder Wilma was just like her dads. Clothes and handymen are unnecessary.

Wilma had always been a cat person. It seemed a good moment to pick up another.

The family had accumulated wealth for a while, and bought a couple of real estates. The fishing pond nearby had been pimped to become a nice park.

Elli was a good little girl. When she grew up to become a teenager, she gathered some extra weight. Apparently it was Sanni’s genes. Nothing wrong with being a bit plump, but the family had always been very athletic and proud of it. Elli was feeling the pressure.

Wilma has pretty much already given up on love. Sanni never came around, and finally passed away while Wilma was spending all the time with her daughter. She thought her future was with cats.

But then something odd happened. She met with an old friend, Erkka, and noticed they were both single and got along great. This changed the plans. And it was a beautiful change of plans. The new couple spent some times just having a blast, and then Wilma felt like this should really be something permanent, as they still had some time on this earth.

Erkka’s stupid post-coitus was still stupid, but he was truly a gentle and a nice man.

He was a magician. Perhaps not the best one, but he had some gigs.

Elli got along with Erkka fine. He was making her mother happy, so he was making her happy. It had only been the two of them before this. Elli also kept on working out like crazy. The future of the Atarnus bloodline rested on her shoulders alone.

Continued on part 7…


Today I learned:

To keep ones dating partners faithful, super fast approach was needed. If I didn’t off ask the other sims to start dating officially, they found someone else in a few days. This is probably the fault of the storyprogress mod.

Buying real estates is a good way to keep a steady income. It will also keep producing income to the younger generations after the well paid parents drop dead. Some estates can be modified by the player.

The fat genes in the game are ridiculous. If a sim is deemed overweight, they will regain all the weight, if they stop exercising for a couple of days. I’d like to slow down all the body modification variables, as I don’t want the sims to lose weight or gain muscle in a day either. But I couldn’t find a setting for it. After going through the XML files, I found something in relation to the body shape, but it was really unclear how it would work. So I had to decide to just be slightly fat phobic while choosing partners. I didn’t want my sims to blow out and slim down constantly throughout their lives.

Wilma and Erkka were seriously the cutest couple ever.

The magician career seemed to work exactly like the acrobat one. It was a bit of a letdown, and I doubt I will play magicians after this. The acrobat show is more entertaining, especially if it’s performed by a handsome man.


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