The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 7

The Crazy Cat Lady

Even though Wilma didn’t eventually just settle for her cat companions, she certainly had a lot of furry friends. It was already getting hard to keep track which cat was which.

There were kittens born in the family.

Elli grew up and decided to change her style a bit. And exercise more. Wilma hadn’t forgotten to stay in shape either.

The elder Wilma kept painting and taking care of her cats, while Elli was nerding on the computer between the workouts.

Then came the dreaded day that broke up the sweet old couple. It was Erkka’s time to move on.

The cats made an impressive choir meowing after the gentle step daddy. Slowly the tombstones started to pile up, and it was time to set up a family cemetery – in the yard of course.

The cats continued to live on. There newest kittens grew up.

Wilma was just chilling and fixing things around the house. Getting used to it being just the two girls and the cats. Then the ghost of Erkka decided to visit. She was not that happy to see him.

But they of course made up. The love doesn’t end in death. William and Dimitri were dropping by too, and they were lining up for the rocking chair. So it was best to buy another. Happy ghosts = happy household.

Wilma was also old, and suddenly she started to dematerialise in the middle of her painting.

The grim reaper came by to shake her hand, but the cats weren’t too happy.

One of them growled to the reaper, and the big softie decided to bring the cat lady back. Then they rocked a bit in the silence. Elli was happy to treat the heroic kitty that saved mommy’s life.

But there was no peace for long. The grim reaper returned. Everyone was heartbroken  again.

But there was another cat who decided to speak up its mind about this whole issue of killing his forever-best-friend. So it still wasn’t quite yet Wilma’s time to go. After she was brought back, it was time to scatter and go back to normal business.

Which again didn’t last for long. But the cats were as vigilant as ever, and Wilma stayed on this side. Elli was tapping her foot already. This was getting ridiculous.

She was seriously getting bored of seeing the same old reaper everywhere. He even came by to pick up another patron while Elli was visiting the library. Stalker, much?

All the death made Elli yearn for some normalcy. She also remembered that uncle Daniel wasn’t that much younger than Wilma, it was probably a good time to see him again. She called him over to do some bonding.

Daniel had spent most of his adult life alone, but he finally found a nice younger guy during his older days, and they even had a child.

It was definitely a good time to call Daniel over for support, as the reaper visited again. This time he came prepared. He was being all nice to the kitties, and tricked them. There were no angry cats, and Wilma was finally free to pass on to the next life.

To be continued on part 8…


Today I learned:

Ghosts really like rocking chairs. I’m thinking this is an intentional joke, considering all those eerie rocking chairs in ghost movies.

Cats apparently have some kind of deal with the grim reaper. I’m unsure if dogs or horses share this trait. I think it was possible in Sims 2 to beg the reaper to spare your loved one. Now it seems this cheating death option is handed to the pets. Obviously I would also obey the cats if I was the grim reaper.

While sims can’t prevent death, they can chat up the reaper afterwards. I was considering the idea of aiming for friendship or love with the reaper. But I didn’t think this would be suitable course for Elli.

The cat choir is loud. I might have annoyed my spouse a bit with this death streak. Should have taken some video footage for evidence.

I had dialed up the gay portion of the neighbourhood by fiddling with the nraas options. This allowed even shy Daniel to find a boyfriend.

The relatives don’t visit much. Even when they live across the street. And I tend to keep my sims at home and in work most of the time, so they all become such loners. Though that’s pretty much how I am too.


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