The Sexy Brutale

Score: 9.0
Ages: 12+

The Sexy Brutale is a brilliant little adventure with tons of charm despite all the brutal deaths in it. The protagonist lives the same day over and over again in a mansion, trying to save all the guests from their horrible fates.

‘The Sexy Brutale’ is the name of the casino inside the mansion. There is definitely no sexual content in this game. The age rating seems appropriate though, as the smaller kids probably would be disturbed by the various death scenes.

There’s something very wrong in the mansion, and the disturbing mystery intrigues  while the colourful surroundings and excellent music charm the player. I enjoyed this game immensely.

This is not a hard game. There are only a few puzzles and endless amount of rewinds to get things right. Still, trying to spy the other people in the mansion without getting caught (and revealing the grisly secrets) manage to create a tense atmosphere here and there.

The player needs to save the guests one or two at a time. When a person is saved, the protagonist gains new skills that allow him to enter new parts of the mansion or discover new secrets. The game is very approachable, and wandering around the mansion is interesting, even when a bit lost with the right direction.

My playthrough took about 9 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t terrible surprised by the big reveals in the end, but I liked the overall story very much. There is enough thought-provoking stuff to make the story stand out, though the absolute strength of the game is the gameplay.

Time travel is surprisingly not that overused gimmick in adventures. There’s a bunch of great games revolving around messing up timelines, but there’s definitely room to make more. I hope The Sexy Brutale will spice up the interest on the subject.

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