[Spoilers] A Hand in the Darkness

Going through my impressions of the three routes, depicting some of the events without going into all the details.

Getting into a specific route is fairly obvious, there are only a few choices and many of them are clearly choosing the friend to be with. The protagonist Alex is in high demand and will win over all of the choices easily.



My first pick was Rick, because I genuinely like geeks, and I felt that the choice of actually studying is something that I would do. The story was very sweet and innocent, and gave me an impression of a shounen ai more than yaoi. The impression broke in the end with a sudden intercourse.

Rick is nice and a bit shy. I think about this as the pure love route. Alex needs to support and trust Rick throughout to reach the good ending.



I’m not a die-hard fan on the cocky bastard type, there are hits and misses. Initially I didn’t think I’d choose Damian, but his personality kind of won me over during the Rick route, and I decided to give it a go. In the end Damian is my favourite route.

This delinquent drinks and plays poker and has flings in the broad daylight. Getting into a secret and addictive sexual relationship with a bad boy is a pretty common yaoi trope, but it worked very well here. Despite the devilish name, Damian is really not a bad person, just uncommitted – until Alex of course.

This is the sexy route, satisfying ending included.



Then there was the last route which I already dreaded. I tried, but I couldn’t like it. Monty is some kind of a light yandere type, super possessive and bratty. I don’t mind the cheerful types and I really like redheads, but Monty just pushed the wrong buttons with me. I didn’t feel attraction, I felt worry. I wanted to sent him to the psychiatric ward. Though considering it was 1910, that probably would not have helped.

So Monty acts bratty when turned down, and is possessive to the point of having fits and ordering others to stay away. But then when he’s been dumped, he almost lets Alex get killed. I felt that a true yandere would have sliced up the people that were interfering with his love interest, and then possibly killed Alex himself. Monty is not yandere, he’s just a sad boy.

Also, this route is the silliest considering the investigation. Suddenly some tacky supernatural elements are introduced to the plot. The route was a disappointment, too bad the best sexy CG was used for this one. This is the weird route, and unfortunately not in a good way.


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