Score: 7.0

I wanted to love this sci-fi mystery set in 1960’s Germany but the only exceptional thing about the game is its beautiful graphics. The hand-made backgrounds and the quite intriguing – if also very over-the-top – sci-fi plot are enough to make the game worthwhile, but the gameplay is rather sloppy and frustrating.

After a mysterious prologue the protagonist is introduced entering a small village and speaking to a recorder in a very Dale Cooper manner. There is a strange village and a mystery with some inexplicable circumstances. The game definitely has charm and some narrative hooks to lure the player in. But the story isn’t great enough to make up for the shortcomings.

I played the game shortly after the release and there were some bugs, which are hopefully fixed by now, and I didn’t really mind that much in the begin with. What I did mind was the rather basic and silly puzzles which were either very obvious or quite weird, but rarely satisfying. I really like adventure games with puzzles but I think I’d actually prefer the interactive movie approach to bad and boring puzzles.

This game could have been a wonderful old timey point & click adventure or it could have been a great interactive sci-fi movie, but now it’s really neither. I don’t mean to say that the gameplay is horrible, it’s just a disappointment. And I’m still happy I backed the game and played it. I even recommend it to people who are into ludicrous sci-fi plots or really love the looks of the game. Or to all the not-so-picky adventure fans.

The game had both German and English voice overs which is very nice – especially the option to choose German voices with English subtitles. The game progress is saved automatically without the possibility to restart chapters, which is a bit weird, but honestly I never really get back to old saves anyway. The game has a decent length for an adventure (6+ hours) but I definitely would have welcomed a longer sci-fi spectacle – even with the lackluster gameplay. I would be interested in a sequel, but if there is going to be one, I really hope the puzzle design will be tweaked into a smoother experience.


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