I’m a 30+ year old weirdo from Finland. Last year I graduated from University of Applied Sciences with a degree on Library and Information Services. I have a brand new husband (since January) and two kids who are in elementary school. I also have a sassy (and horny) pet chinchilla. Before him I used to have the best cat in the universe, but unfortunately she had to be euthanized last year in the mature age of 21.

I’m an escapist and sometimes prone to depression. A few years ago I had meningitis and intracranial hypertension, followed by a wave of depression. It took some time to get back on my feet, but now I’m pretty much back to normal – although still weird enough. I have my hobbies and I’m looking for a job.

In my free time I usually play games. And play games. I also read (mostly gay romance stuff these days, because it cheers me up) and watch some movies and TV series. This site is also mostly about games, but if I feel like writing about something else, I will.

The game genres I like to play are adventures, visual novels and RPGs, including some MMOs. Sometimes I also play strategy and sim games, like going back to Theme Hospital every few years.

I mostly play my games on PC but I also have a bunch of consoles. I used to have only couple but then I moved in with my current husband and basically got them all, except for the newest generation.

I will not be posting spoilers unless it’s specifically mentioned. Also I’ll avoid posting explicit screenshots – though I don’t consider some bare skin or blood very explicit yet. The blog is not aimed for kids, but I do also review a lot of family friendly games and add notes about the age ratings.

English is not my mother tongue, which can sometimes be pretty obvious, but I wanted to keep the site international since things like boys’ love and visual novels aren’t exactly huge in Finland.

Last update on 10.04.2018.