2015 Game Year Recap

Even though I had some dry spells from gaming, I actually managed to play a decent amount of new games last year. This post is just a short recap of my played games, titles linking to the individual reviews.

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No, Thank You!!!

Score: 9.5
2013 (2015 English release)

I finally got my hands on this new Japanese boys’ love visual novel, this time officially translated to English and sold by MangaGamer (this title being their first BL project). I have not paid 40 bucks for a visual novel before but it was totally worth it.

The best thing about the game is – hands down – the protagonist Haru. He is a complete airhead, forgetting names, places and even his things, while maintaining an incredibly positive attitude towards everything. He’s also a little perv, constantly coming on to the other characters. Haru is charming and hilarious, and the funniest protagonist I’ve ever played. Continue reading

Herald (Kickstarter)

Herald is a ‘two-part interactive period drama that plays as a mix between a visual novel and a 3D point and click adventure game’. It currently has two weeks left of its Kickstarter campaign and it’s over halfway reaching its goal of 15 000€.

Herald tells a story of a steward, Devan Rensburg, aboard the merchant ship Herald. The story is based on colonial times in an alternate universe and introduces several non-white characters, including the protagonist. This setting is quite rare for games in general, and I don’t ever remember seeing it in a visual novel (not that I exactly played them all or anything). So my interest was definitely piqued.
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The Best Games I Played in 2014 – Part 2

Going through the list was a lot more work than I originally thought. I didn’t have a thing written down most of these games and I only started taking screenshots quite recently, so I had to go back to some of the titles just for that. And then I didn’t even have savegames for all of them. Well, these shots should give some kind of idea anyway.

The whole top10 ended up being rather traditional adventures, visual novels or hybrids of them. I did play some other type of games too but I’m not sure I finished any (not that they were bad, they’re just longer). I can’t really anticipate what my top10 for 2015 would look like but at the current rate it’s probably going to have even more visual novels.

My top5 or 2014: Continue reading

The Best Games I Played in 2014 – Part 1

I’m not one of those people who immediately plays every promising looking game when they come out. Because I’ve been absorbed in The World of Warcraft the last ten years, I’ve skipped so many interesting games that I’ve lost count. So I always have a couple of hundred titles on my backlog. Then I just pick something I feel like playing and go for it. So my top games for any year, or game reviews in general, will most likely not be about brand new titles. That being said, I noticed that my best games of 2014 all ended up being titles from the last few years anyway.

I’m probably going to write a bit more about the top 5, but first, here’s the titles from 6 to 10: Continue reading

Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butler

Score: 8.5


Hadaka Shitsuji is definitely an interesting visual novel. The whole plot is ludicrous: you play as Tomoaki, a young guy in a pinch who suddenly gets offered “a job” which is playing a master of a mansion for a month. The mansion in question is of course filled with handsome butlers. From there it’s rather easy to deduce where the story is going. The game is incredibly funny and twisted, and most of it is pornography. I would not recommend the game to anyone who thinks they are unable to find their inner sadist or to enjoy particularly perverse humour. Continue reading

Loren The Amazon Princess

Score: 7.5

I got Loren The Amazon Princess from one of those cheap indie game bundles. My version of the game is for Steam and it includes the expansion The Castle of N’Mar. The game is a visual novel/RPG hybrid. When you are not fighting the turn based combat or gearing and leveling up your party, you advance the story as any visual novel. After one playthrough it’s also possible to enable a ‘story mode’ which makes your party win every combat in one hit and removes the experience. In this mode the game is a rather pure visual novel. The option is very welcome so players don’t necessarily have to crawl through every fight just to see the different outcomes of the story. Continue reading