Borderline Working

It’s been somewhat quiet on the site again. I have had some time to play but still been busy with loads of other stuff too, so I haven’t been able to get much writing done.

I had a summer job for a month, in the city library. The work itself was fun but of course quite exhausting since I haven’t been really working for ages.

Earlier in the spring I also got diagnosed with the borderline personality disorder, which didn’t really surprise me that much. I don’t think I’m the “TV famous case” of a black & white personality that goes ape shit on their closest ones, but I exhibit pretty much every other symptom under the diagnosis. Including the inability to focus on a same thing for a longer while – to finish what has been started. So yeah, I do try, but it can be really hard sometimes to get some of these blog posts done.

Happy New Year

I’m feeling more like playing games again. Well, I never completely stopped, but I didn’t have much time to play, and not that much enthusiasm either. I still managed to play a couple of short games in the end of this year but I’m hoping next one will be better.

For Christmas my brother gave me my Steam wishlist top3  (which was Kentucky Route Zero, Anna’s Quest and Technobabylon) and I’ve had some great games just waiting around already, so I’ll definitely be busy. I also got other free gifts like Read Only Memories and Final(ly) Fantasy XIV. Honestly the last one alone would keep me occupied for the whole year.

I’m struggling with money issues now which has kept me a bit down even though I’ve managed to sort out some other real life troubles quite nicely. But playing games or keeping this blog doesn’t cost me anything, so it’s all about time, motivation and ability now.

For the actual New Year stuff: I’m spending the holiday with my 5 yo son who has chickenpox. But this is actually rather nice – at least so far. Happy New Year for everyone, mine is quite a happy one even if I am having some difficulties.

A Little Bit Of Polishing

Just doing some minor updates on the site. Something with the fonts and categories and such.

I’ve managed to take care of some things in my life, and might actually have some time and energy to do more… stuff. Whether this will actually show on this site, I just don’t know yet.

Puzzles Schmuzzles

Even though the beginning of the year didn’t look like it, this year I’ve actually played a bunch on adventure games with the gameplay largely focusing on puzzles. And now I’m pretty puzzled out. Can you even say it like that? Does it mean anything?

Anyway, I’m not planning to touch many puzzling games for a while, so that I wont get completely burned out, and can still invest my time in some of the most promising Kickstarter titles or community playthroughs. I think this means I’ll be focusing more on visual novels and/or RPGs this fall.

Actually I’ve been neglecting all playing for a short while, with traveling and evening activities, actively browsing forums and even sewing. I might be losing my mind. Or getting some kind of manic moments because of my medication. Time will tell.


It’s that time again. I get it at least once per Xpack. My World of Warcraft game time is expiring and I’m not planning to renew it for a while. 6.2 came out and I barely had enough interest to build a shipyard. I’ve been running some Hellfire Citadel raids and mythic dungeons to gear up friends while I still can, but soon it’s time for welcomed peace and quiet again.


I’m also moving back to Oulu – at least for the weekdays. It became quite evident that I just get nothing done at home with kids running at my feet, while also being unable to physically visit my school. So now I’m going to go and actually get things done. That’s the plan at least.

Because of all the business tied to this moving and other RL issues, I’m probably going to be a bit busy. But I’ll be writing about Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Banished soon enough (I’ve actually already started with both of them) as well as finishing my Movies From the 90s series.

Since I’m giving up one time consuming MMORPG, I will most likely start another and play Final Fantasy XIV a bit further this fall. I quite like that I have a game where I can just grind some easy stuff while I have a glass of wine and listen to some good music. (I won’t do that when I’m immersing myself in a story.) Hopefully I wont just get myself completely hooked on FFXIV and mess up my plans for RL again. Heavensward is also out and the dragon race seems very sexy, but I think it’ll take a good while to finish the basic campaign of A Realm Reborn, so I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

I wish a nice summer for everyone, whether it’s spent outside on the beach or inside playing.


I did some fiddling on the site. The most notable things being the changed header image and the tags.

As you can see, I updated the header image, because the old one was ugly. I consider the new one slightly less ugly. (The font is Emblem, my favourite font in WoW UI.)

I also got into a dead end with my categories, and decided to scrap the themes etc. from the category list altogether. As a student of library things I’m very fond of categories and their hierarchy, but it just didn’t seem to work anymore, especially when I started writing about other media in addition to games. So now the themes/genres are marked as tags, and I added some completely new tags as well. There’s a separate page explaining them as their descriptions aren’t visible like in categories (when you hover over or click them).

I’m Back… From Outer Space

Also known as the city of Oulu. And I survived it. Saw a bunch of my friends, visited a few bars, watched some shirtless glam rockers perform, and two movies in the cinema. Also visited an ophthalmologist (I don’t even pretend to know how to spell that, I just always search it and then copypaste it to my text), and my teacher about my thesis. Unfortunately not all of my friends are as nerdy as I am, so I was mostly computer-less. (Surely all of them have a computer but it’s not very polite to sit on front of it alone. At least we here have 3 plus the consoles and TVs working online.)

Now, inspired by the movies and having some kind of burst of energy (albeit a small one), I’m thinking that I could – hypothetically – also write about the movies I see and other stuff like that. I think I will survive it. The reviews would most likely be short and while I kind of hope that I could pull out intellectual analysis about how the screenwriter expresses their suppressed sexuality with the horror imagery or whatnot, I’m more likely to go “and then the head exploded – it was awesome”.

I believe my badger cubs are dead, I’m afraid to check. Broken Age part 2 is out so I’ll probably play it soon. Otherwise my list is still endless and I’m trying to continue the games that I’ve been playing before.

It’s the 1st of May but I’m pretty partied out.

My Life Is Not So Strange


Something about what’s going on in my life – in case someone is interested. See my awesome workstation. It usually isn’t that clean, I cheated a bit.

The freeware game ‘All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell’ is waiting for me to play a couple of other freeware titles that I already grabbed but didn’t get started with yet. I’ll write something about them together, as a recommendation for some free fun. Continue reading

Up to Date!

Like the headline says, I’ve managed to add all reviews from this year and will probably be adding things in a slower pace now. Looking back I must say I hadn’t even realised that I’d been mostly just playing visual novels this year. Usually I do play plenty of other stuff too. Though I seem to be more and more into all things Japanese right now, I only read manga and watch anime when I don’t play or just mindlessly surf the net. Ehm, and of course school work, I do plenty of school work, yeah.

I have played Drawn – The Painted Tower this year and almost finished The Dark Flight already, but I’ll handle them as a full trilogy.  Meanwhile, before I get anything finished, I think I’ll be writing about what I played last year.

Hello Thar

I’m starting an actual site for my ramblings about games and other stuff. I’ve been trying to write down a bit of this and that about every game I play. And always grab some screenshots while playing, so I can share the greatness to everyone.

I’ll be adding the reviews (or something like that) I already posted in Adventure Gamers forum this year and then I’ll try to keep updating with the new stuff. But I’m lazy, so no promises (to myself really, it’s not like I’d actually promise this to anyone else).

I have a ‘thing’ for BL (boys love) but I wont be posting any dick pics here. I also have a lot of other ‘things’ so most likely I will be commenting about the hotness and/or awesomeness of the most weird things and that’s just something I wont hold back on.

I’ll review the games from scale from 1 to 10, using also halves. Most likely I wont be reviewing any game under 5 though, because I rarely play anything I don’t somehow find good and interesting. Also I don’t really dissect the good and bad, I just focus on what’s awesome, and then see how much some stuff possibly bugged me, and balance it out somewhere (this is my scientific method).