My backed Kickstarter projects with successful funding.


AR-K by Gato Salvaje
Alicia, a journalism student with some attitude, gets mixed up in a big story – and mystery – in a sci-fi setting. An episodic release with 3/4 chapters out. (Review of ep.3)

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders by Nupixo Games
A point&click thriller about a famous detective in ancient China – in pixel art.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey by Red Thread Games
The Longest Journey saga continues in episodic format. It’s out, but I haven’t had the time to play it yet. Mainly because I want to replay TLJ and Dreamfall first.

Gibbous by Stuck In Attic
A comedic horror adventure, with a lovely cat.

Harvest by GondeFire Productions
A cyberpunk detective story that has unfortunately been postponed due to problems with staff.

The Journey Down by SkyGoblin
Chapter Three for the most excellent and atmospheric noir comedy. (Review for chapters 1&2)

Knite & The Ghost Lights by Mobot Studios
A magical, handcrafted world turned into side-scrolling action-adventure with plenty of storytelling.

LAST LIFE by Sam Farmer
A modern sci-fi noir adventure where the player investigates their own murder. Three episodes.

Loki’s Exile by Kreativespill A/S
A classic hand-drawn adventure, where the roaring 20s and Scandinavian mythology collide.

The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown by Laney Berry
A political protest turns violent in British private school. Seven episodes, multiple protagonists and moral decisions. Released in May.

Two Guys SpaceVenture by Two Guys From Andromeda
A new SpaceVenture by makers of Space Quest.

Visual novels and hybrids:

Hearts Under Blades: A Tale of Love and Honor by Leading Scientists Games
A visual novel set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan. Magic, mystery, relationships (including straight and gay romances).

Herald by Wispfire
A drama set in an alternative colonial world, with characters of varying racial backgrounds and gameplay elements from visual novels and adventure games. Two chapters done (also reviewed) and two more still to come (hopefully.)

Tokyo Dark by Cherrimochi Game Studio
A side-scrolling mystery adventure with psychological horror elements. Visual novel like branching narrative and multiple endings.

Walkerman by Scalemail
An adventure/visual novel hybrid about monster hunting. Five episodes.


FRONTIERS by Lars Simkins
An open world exploration and survival game that doesn’t focus on combat. It’s been out a while but unfortunately with issues. There’s been a lot of updates recently though, so I think I’ll finally try to find the time to check it out.

Last update on 09.04.2017.


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